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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

PPPs Advent Calendar : day 1

One cockerel in the snow

Taken using my iPhone and CameraBag/Silver

This morning Gina suggested doing a blog post for each day of Advent as Christmas comes hurtling towards us blown in on a stiff nor-easterly that has plummeted daytime temperatures to below freezing.

As if I need another project! But, a distraction may be just what I do need –
while talking about iPhone apps with my hairdresser earlier today, I had a brainwave . . . I'd recently acquired the app CameraBag which has all sorts of camera filters which I'm itching to try out – so, I'll take one photo a day until Christmas and create a PPPs Advent Calendar.

At Christmas all the photos will be put together into a PPPs Christmas video.

Celia x


  1. Hi Celia
    what a great idea, my girls have made brief appearance out the coop for food and water and that's about it! we have had lots of the white stuff here in Derbyshire :)

    loved your winter walk and the JH/ES track, saw Jools live in Nottingham last week, great night out

  2. so cute i love this idea and my word verification was 'clapinn' so my computer must like it too!!

  3. Is camerabag the one with the filter that can make a photo look as though it's made from Lego? I'm not going to show my ignorance asking the Lord and Master....

  4. Hi Wendy - mmmm? don't think so but I may have missed it. Just lots of retro looking photography.


  5. what a clever idea!
    look forward to seeing them all.

  6. Celia, you've got a wonderful way of blending very vintage printing techniques with all that is very current.

    I love the mix that you show us. Thanks for the images, and for the inspiration to experiment.


  7. Have fun with your new idea. Can't wait to see them.

  8. Ah Ha! You couldn't resist joining in.


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