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Sunday, 19 December 2010

PPPs Advent Calendar : day 19

On day nineteen

"The Snow Scene"

Taken using my iPhone and CameraBag/Fisheye

Last night it snowed – and there was a scenery change.
This morning the curtains drew back and 'Aaaaaaaah!!'
a magical winter wonderland, with a little house,
deep fluffy drifts of white snow and frosted trees!

I wonder what will happen next . . . ?

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Celia x


  1. cue Dr Who music...waaah-waaahhh.bababawah...and one of the Doctors from the past half century emerges. (Or maybe they all do!)

    Forgive me - I'm suffering sunstroke.
    Happy Christmas to us all!

  2. Lovely photo effect. So glad we got snow at last!

  3. lovely shot! what does tarragon have to say about the snow?

  4. The fisheye works brilliantly with snow! Not so good with people!


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