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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

PPPs Advent Calendar : day 8

Eight eccentric chimney pots
(a postcard of Brighton Pavilion on my studio wall)

Taken using my iPhone and CameraBag/Instant

Where were you 30 years ago today?

It was nearly the end of my first term at Brighton Art School,
I was sitting at a desk in my room at the 'Seafront Halls'
looking out at the early morning view – drainpipes and fire escape.
The radio news-reader said John Lennon was dead.

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Celia x


  1. you're not going to like this, but I was 13 and probably dreading double maths!

  2. Thirty years ago I was living in a dilapidated loft in NY's SOHO. I woke up one morning and turned on the radio as usual, and heard one Lennon song after the other being played. That was how I learned that he'd been shot the night before.

    Odd that a week earlier, I'd had my only actual sighting of John Lennon, as he got out of a long black car and walked through the Dakota entranceway, carrying a bag of groceries.

    Now I live just a few blocks away from the Dakota.

  3. Just a thimbleful....

    Looking at my diary (I have kept a daily diary since I was 16 - 60 years!!!) I was with George in Verona, it was cloudy & freezing - he was on business and I was along for the ride. It was a Monday, and a saint's day so no shops open and I wandered around going into all the churches in Verona to keep warm!Then in the evening the streets came alive with markets and the passagio and we went for a wonderful meal with G's clients. I never recorded Lennon's death !!!

  4. 30 years ago I was exactly where I am today in Liverpool, John Lennon's home town and not believing what I heard on the news.

  5. I was 15 and in the 5th year at Kings Lynn Grammar School for Girls. I was at the bus stop waiting for the eastern county's bus to arrive when Katherine Smith told me the news!

  6. I was 24, and working for Barclays Bank in the London City Office, I remember not believing the news when I heard it on the radio alarm clock.

  7. I was at secondary school - I don't remember the exact moment when I heard, but strangely I remember the day Elvis died, and the particular image is the green gate we had out onto the street! I think I was standing there when my friend told me the news. Can't beat Frances story though.. Cx

  8. I think I heard about it from the radio before I went to school.
    Oddly I too remember elvis's death more clearly because one of my friends was so upset.
    I hadn't realised that you were in brighton - I lived there for three years and loved it.

  9. I'd just finished work, 22 and very pregnant with my first child.


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