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Monday, 20 December 2010

On day twenty

A walk in the snow

Last night was the coldest night for many years here in Suffolk, -10C ! Tomorrow will be the Winter Solstice – it's really is mid-winter.

This afternoon I went for a walk to enjoy the last rays of the sun as it started to dip down low over the fields and hedges – through the churchyard opposite my studio, over the fields and back into the village along the sunken lane with colourful thatched cottages perched high on the bank above. Tomorrow the cycle will start anew and slowly slowly the days will begin to lengthen.

Todays slide were taken on a Fuji Finepix F10,
compiled using iMovie and the music is Joy of Bethlehem
played by the International Staff Band of The Salvation Army.

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Celia x


  1. Just a thimbleful....

    Wht a glorious walk you had! Th snow scenes are spectacular but just going over to the shop this morning the pavements are piled with ice - so dangerous for old folk. (I'm not old!)

  2. really beautiful - thanks for sharing. Cx

  3. Loved your slide show and the music, nothing like a festive brass band to set the scene
    happy Christmas
    Jane x

  4. We had -14 here - perishing! It does look so beautiful though.

  5. lovely walk. thanks for sharing.

  6. Celia, Christmas greetings from a hot and, amazingly for the moment, dry Central Coast of NSW. Just about everywhere else is awash or flooded so we are lucky. The cicadas are deafening us with their constant but most welcome shrilling and it really sounds like Christmas. Stay warm - have a wonderful Christmas, Carol xx

  7. That was lovely! It's been like that here but today is wet and windy and grey so it was nie to remember all the loveliness! Happy Christmas! love Penny and Higgins x


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