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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cold snaps

Today Cliff led a 15 mile walk for a local walking group, and I went along too; you can see the route here (the gap in the line between 13 and 14 miles is where I accidentally turned off the meter). Unlike a large area of the country we've had only a flurry of snow here but it's cold – very cold! Last night the temperature fell to -7C, brrrrr that's cold!

Here's a slide show of our day from dawn until dusk . . .

Photos taken on an iPhone using the Hipstamatic app, sorry there's no music but I had lined up an appropriately seasonal tune to get your toes tapping: Snowflake Boogie played by the wonderful Mr Jools Holland himself and sung by Edwin Starr (recorded in 2002 shortly before Starr died in 2003), it's on Youtube but I'm not sure whether you'll be able to view it.


  1. One of the weather sites says it's not going to get above -3 here on Friday. I'm wondering at what point they decide it's too cold for the children to play outside - because it's certainly too cold for us midday supervisors!!!

    Looks like a lovely walk.

  2. While it is still autumnly warmish here in New York, I admit to be enjoying seeing all the snowy, chilly reports from across the pond.

    I know that our time will come, and soon. xo

  3. Wow, a 15 mile walk, the most I've ever done is 10 miles! Looks like it was a beautiful walk! I also liked what you had cooking on the stove!

  4. fab skies. and like the look of your hotpot!

  5. Celia ,
    Had a view via you tube. Great video with a rip roaring song. Why have I never heard that before? I love it... going back to watch it again and dance around the room at the same time..... Lesley

  6. great video! how are the hens with this cold weather? nothing but sunshine here...looking forward to our snow!

  7. Well done go out for a 15 mile walk in this weather. We have friends just up the road in Harston.


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