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Tuesday 2 November 2010

A new joint venture . . .

In September I received a message via etsy conversations, from another etsy seller – Corryvreckan (Norfolk based designer-maker Rachel Simpson). She invitated me to collaborate in designing a collection of jewellery that she would hand-craft in silver and other precious metals. I was surprised but curious . . . a collaboration was not something I'd considered but after exchanging emails and tweets, and having a brief chat, the more I thought Rachel's idea could work.

Last weekend I received a package in the post . . . a little box containing our first pair of Leaf Doodle stud earrings . . .

Rachel's acid etching technque has beautifully recreated my block printed Leaf Doodle design in silver . . .

The texture of the silver is like the hand carved blocks that I print from . . .

Rachel is already working on more pieces for our collection, which we've called LANDSCAPE EAST (Rachel already has a collection called SEASCAPE EAST which you can see here).

I'll show you more pieces soon – there will be dangly earrings and a pendant in the Leaf Doodle design as well as pieces based on the Oak Leaves from my Anglesey Abbey print, the Sleeping Hare and the Winter Thrushes.

LANDSCAPE EAST jewellery will be hand-crafted to order by Rachel in her studio in Norfolk, I'm taking orders via Magic Cochin's Emporium, or you contact me via my website. I'll have sample pieces for you to see on my stall at the Christmas Fairs – all the latest news here.

We hope you like the results of our joint venture, I'm looking forward to sharing more news about it soon. I'm also looking forward to wearing these Leaf Doodle earrings at my stall on Saturday.



  1. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Those are some of the prettiest leaves I've seen this autumn!

  2. I can hardly wait for the sleeping hare!

  3. Your joint venture is going to be a great success...what a terrific translation of your design!

    It seems as if there might be unlimited possibilities. I love the notion of mimicking the linoleum printing block's grooves. Think that you two artists definitely do understand each other's gifts.


  4. Celia, It's beautiful, the two complement each other wonderfully. I'm sure you are really pleased with the joint result. Penny x

  5. What a perfect marriage of techniques. Good luck with your joint venture-it is fabulous.

  6. Lovely marriage of your two arts. I do hope that chickens are in the works. Your pantaloon-wearing hens. Pins?

  7. I love them - they have echoed your work brilliantly.

  8. How exciting! I can't wait to see the collection. What a wonderful opportunity for you... and perhaps me ;-)

  9. What a 'dream team'! - this collaboration will be a big success, I'm sure.

  10. What beautiful earrings, I think your joint venture will be very successful! Will you be selling them on Esty? All the best!

  11. They are gorgeous Celia. What a fabulous collaboration.

  12. What lovely earrings! I can't wait to see the hare and thrushes!
    Best wishes with the joint venture!

  13. How lovely! I can already feel a pain in my purse!

  14. What an exciting collaboration! I can't wait to see what else you come up with though, like 'po' I'd love to see the hare...

  15. thanks for lovely comment celia.....will try and get to linton saturday , but good luck, these are absolutely lovely, great to see your work in a different medium.

  16. so awesome! eargerly looking forward to the hare pieces. :)

  17. Well, quite simply - WOW!! That was one great idea. Many best wishes x

  18. what a good idea, I look forward to seeing more.

    On another note entirely I found a "new" second hand bookshop today, three floors and not a single King Penguin. I think you must have been there before me!


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