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Friday, 26 November 2010

The forecast for today . . .

. . . over to the tabby one in the studio –

it's a bit nippy out there this morning,
what's on the cards for the rest of the day?

Oh! how I wish I could snuggle down in a woolly blanket in a basket! But I've got to venture out into the big wide icy world (not snowy around here yet) I hope there are some nice things for me to discover today.

See you later!


  1. Keep warm! No snow here either (rthank goodness) but it is verrrrrry cold. And Tiny Small won't wear a hat. She's a nutter.

  2. I am out and about in the cold today too and desperately wishing my dogs felt like your cat!

    Fingers crossed that the snow will hold off a bit longer - so much to do.

  3. Cats have so got life sorted out. :-)

  4. Aren't cats just so clever. Tis very cold here today, the pond's been frozen all day. Hope you've kept as warm as the cat!


  5. Cat's have the right idea of finding a warm, soft place in weather like this. Having said that, I thank Buddy that he makes me wrap up warm and go outside for a walkies! Especially on a cold, bright day like yesterday!


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