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Sunday 8 July 2007

The studio assistants

Cats are the perfect artist's pet. They don't demand attention or walkies and they are perfect for lightening the mood when deadlines and artist's block are making the studio atmosphere tense. My studio assistants are Chester and Chloe, brother and sister and like chalk and cheese in character.

Chester is a gorgeous ginger boy with amber eyes and the most whiskery whiskers I've ever seen on a cat. The observant among you will have noticed that Chester's tail is not all that a cat's tail should be, and thereby hangs a tale...
A month ago Chester had some territorial disputes with a neighbourhood cat and the result was some very nasty bites on his tail, the vet was consulted and in order to save his tail the end was amputated. His uniquely sculpted tail is pretty stylish I think!

His brindled sister Chloe is more of a gardener's assistant, but she does make an appearance in the studio now and again... to announce that it is raining and to demonstrate how wet her paws are, or to remind me that it's time for supper!


  1. Ginger cats, the perfect compliment to any room!
    By coincidence, She who paints has just sent some paintings to a gallery in Suffolk.
    Peas in a pod look glorious too.
    A weekend of sunshine here and we have all been basking and prowling.

  2. Hi Celia

    Wish I could say that cats were the perfect mate in my kitchen - I seem to chase my 2 all of the time as they dare to jump up on the benches whilst I cook!

    Interested to read your take on rapeseed oil locally on Joanne's blog, where are you based? I get mine from a place in Northumberland and I love the stuff.


  3. Chester has an interesting and unique-looking tail. Quite a handsome lad as is Chloe ... although strikingly different in appearance!

  4. They both look like wonderful companions. Chester reminds me of my favorite cat I had as a child. He was the same color but had white on his feet. His name was Socks, and to this day I still miss him.

  5. Love Chesters' tail. My almost identical ginger tom just sports a plain old slimline version.

  6. Chester & Chloe. Two deadly gorgeous feline with melancholic expression;) so irrisistible!
    Find out how cats purrs heal human in http://felinesophy.blogspot.com


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