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Saturday, 21 July 2007

Mix-n-match mini-prints - part 2

Last weekend I started work on a set of small blocks to use for trying out various inking techniques. Yesterday I printed three versions of the Maran Coucou hen block: the first version uses the hen block on its own with dark grey, pale pink and red ink applied with a sponge and small brushes. Here is the result . . .

For the second version I inked the patterned block and then masked out the area under the hen. The hen block is then printed over the pattern. The third version has a lightly printed background of mottled light grey under the pattern - this gives softer grey tones under the dark grey of the hen. And there's just time to frame some of the prints before my studio opens at 11am.


  1. I am so looking forward to seeing these prints when I drop in tomorrow. I love lino cuts.

  2. The hen looks superb especially with the printed background from the block you showed a few days' ago. I imagine these will sell quickly!

  3. I love your hen lino-cut!And it is especially effective printed over the background linocut in the soft grey green. Good luck with your open studios!

  4. Celia - Have you ever done any linocuts of vegetables?


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