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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Pink and orange and yellow and red – I can grow a rainbow . . .

If you want to add some vibrant colour to your garden grow some Rainbow Chard - and it tastes good too! I couldn't resist picking some to add to a risottto last night, although they will grow a lot bigger if I wait for a few weeks. They are two vegetables in one: cut the green leaf off the central coloured stalk and chop and use like spinach; cut the stalk up and cook as you would asparagus. Combine the leaves and stalks in the same dish - a quiche, pasta, risotto - and you get the full chard experience.


  1. The colour on the chard is really beautiful. We don't grow it but am going to put it on the list for next year after seeing yours!

  2. I agree - brilliant color! I'd love to try and grow some next summer once we get settled into our new house!

  3. I think I might even start eating swiss chard again if it looked like this. It is one of those veggies from my childhood that I was none too fond of ... surely if it had been more colourful, I'd have been tempted!

  4. Hi Nicisme, Joe and Kate

    there are lots of veg that are colourful - so even in small spaces you can have a brightly coloured and edible garden

  5. Beautiful rainbow! I planted some seeds of rainbow chard two weeks ago and they are tiny little seedlings now. I can already see their pretty colored stalks.


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