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Monday, 2 July 2007

Making an impression

The paper is positioned carefully over the inked block, making sure the block will print precisely over the painted backgound. I then use a baren to rub the surface of the paper against the inked block, this is done with a firm pressure but carefully so the paper remains exactly in position.

... And then it's time to peel the paper off the block - it one confident movement so there is no smudging. I make a note of the order the prints are made so I can keep them in the same order when writing the edition numbers on them, and leave them to dry.


  1. SO interesting to see these posts. There's a lovely art museum in Davos, Switzerland, devoted to the work of Kirchner, which contains all the woodblocks for a couple of complex works (four blocks for each). Every time I have been there (sometimes several days in a row, but always at least once when I am in Davos), I try to work out exactly which block did what colours, and what order he used them in ... for me, it's a very exacting puzzle, but I suspect you could do it pretty quickly.

    These look lovely
    Thanks for sharing

  2. You have enthused me to do some linocut printing on paper- I usually print on fabric.Your work is magical!
    I love your garden and chickens too!

  3. Thank you for your generous comments...

    Joanna, thank you for reminding me about Kirchner's strong and expressive work.

    Dijanne, thank you for visiting - I'll have to try some fabric prints.


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