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Friday 31 October 2008

The squash report (part 2)

I ALMOST!!! made a Hallowe'en lantern out of our big orange coloured Squash. But then I came to my senses and realised that I wanted as much of the flesh as possible to use in soups and other warming autumn suppers. This Squash shouted "I am full of dense deep nutty orange gorgeousness!"

So last night I stabbed our biggest carving knife into it and sliced it clean in two. I scooped out the pithy flesh and seeds and put the two hemispheres, cut sides down, onto a large baking tray and popped them in the oven. (I did try to take photos of the uncooked stage but they came out rubbish!)

While I was busy making pork meatballs flavoured with sage and chili from the greenhouse, the Squash was busy in the oven turning into this . . .

. . . and inside was loads of the richest, densest, tastiest Squash flesh . . . mmmmmmmm!

After supper there was lots and lots left – we're not that piggy! Three generous bags have been put into the freezer, the rest is in the fridge ready for my lunch today (with a couple of the meatballs in a pitta bread), for supper tonight (not sure how it will be served yet) and for soup for lunch tomorrow. Seeds saved for growing more next year.


  1. Oh yum, I adore squash of all descriptions. I'd better get baking.

    Meanwhile our halloween lanterns are slowly mouldering on the kitchen windowsill.

  2. The other day our local supermarket had a huge binful of "Hallowe'en pumpkins" and I thought: what a waste!

  3. Can you remember which variety that was?

  4. i have already had my tea, but this had made my mouth water!!

  5. These are beautiful! I've nominated you for a Brillante weblog premio award... please visit my blog to learn more.

  6. Hi Dottycookie and Gina - this squash was absolutely delicious!

    Moreidlethoughts - it's sad more people don't eat them.

    Hi Matron - sadly I can't, I think it was in one of those four variety packs of squash seeds. The label disappeared. I saved the seed from last year, and it might have crossed with the Marina di Chioggia. I've dried the seed from this one and will grow more next year.

    Hi Sooziebee!

    Hi Brenda - thank you so much for the award on Artslice. I love seeing your prints and felt creations - beautiful colours!


  7. This looks very much like the insides of our butternut squash. Great stuff.

  8. It tastes better than Butternut, Ed!

    Celia :)


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