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Tuesday 28 October 2008

Introductions . . .




(The Spice Girls)


  1. such beautiful photographs, lovely colours and wonderful millinery!

  2. These portraits of your new companions are wonderful!

    Love Saffron the best. She didn't brush her hair this morning.

  3. Great name choice here, Celia! Mind you, there were a few goodies in the previous post.
    I'm still hankering after chooks...maybe when I've cleared the vet/doctor/computer bills...

  4. well hello ladies and can I just say how delightful you all look today, what beautiful coloured feathers and of course, splendid hair styles and very good names too!

  5. Love your Spice Girls! Fabulous names.

  6. Lovely close-ups - how on earth did you get them to pose?
    They are prettier than the original Spice Girls - anyway, that's in the opinion of one who hopes to 'employ' a few hens in the spring!

  7. How beautiful they all are and I love the names!

  8. Aren't they lovely? I entertain distant hopes of a couple of hens-in the meantime I can enjoy yours.

  9. You made me laugh out loud with the last line.

    Fab chickies!

  10. What can I say: creative! What good looking chicks you got there.

  11. An inspired choice of name, I love them! What wonderful photos and background. You might like to visit www.middlefarm.com in Lewes Sussex where they have a huge collection of different chicken breeds as well as the National Collection of Cider and Perry! hic!

  12. I was laughing so hard after reading the previous post's commments that I wasn't sure I'd be able to compose a coment! What fun and what lovely girls. Wonderful names you picked. I'm partial to Saffron as she sems to be having a "bad hair day" and I'm quite familiar with that problem. Also, we just planted some crocus sativus bulbs and hope to be harvesting our own saffron next year. Congratulations on your 200th post! --Curmudgeon

  13. Love the girls, Love the blog. I still marvel at how great blogging is, and inspiring!
    from a fellow/chook person/illustrator/designer

  14. What a bunch of Spice Girls, those girls will rock the blogger world easily :)

  15. Hopefully they'll refrain from marrying footballers and have fewer tattoos than the real Spice girls.

  16. The Spices say 'Hello Everyone!'

    Hi Matron - yes, we've discovered Middle Farm! I love the little Silver Sebrights - so pretty! And the Cider and Perry – what acn I say – yummy!

    WWWs - good luck growing saffron.

    Welcome to PPPs Jedda!

    Hi Quu - they are definitely rock-chicks!

    Emma - mmmmmm, I don't want them growing up to be WAGS!



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