Celia Hart's blog about what's going on in and around her studio.
Art, printmaking, inspirations, gardening, vegetables, hens, landscapes, wild flowers, East Anglia, adventure, travel.

A little bit about me

This is an online diary of what's going on in and around my studio . . .

I live and work as a freelance illustrator, designer and printmaker in a small village in the south-west corner of Suffolk. My studio is within a garden enclosed in a high wall, built in 1793 of Suffolk red bricks, there is a small green door in the wall which leads to the vegetable garden – this is where I grow fruit, herbs and vegetables. I have a passion for growing anything unusual – like Purple Podded Peas.

I get inspiration for my work from exploring the landscape and places around me – the land and it's history, even the gentle rolling fields of Suffolk have a wild side. And sometimes there are adventures to faraway places too.

I love to read your comments, so don't be shy – say hello if you visit Purple Podded Peas.