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Wednesday 1 October 2008

Sunny delight

This is our 2008 squash harvest from The Three Sisters bed (not a bumber crop). What will the giant yellow 'squarrow' be like inside? We'll try this one first.
The other three will provide lots of lovely nutty squash for risottos, mash, soup, muffins . . . what's your favourite squash recipe?


  1. May not be a bumper crop but it's a beautiful colourful one. We make salmon and prawn thai curry with butternut squash which is fabulous (Nigella recipe)

  2. Yet a nice show nontheless. What beans and corn did you grow it with?

  3. Will you also show us their interiors please?

  4. I am itching to try a new recipe that a West Indian friend told me about. Saturday soup - a pumpkin based vegetable soup with sweet potato, chopped plantains, fresh thyme and chilli.

  5. Love the colors of fall, these are lovely!

  6. Hi Gina - the Thai curry sounds good, we'll give it a try.

    Hi Ottawa Gardener - welcome to PPPs! I grew 'Honey Bantam' corn and 'Poletschka' beans - click on the label 'the three sisters' for more about them.

    Hi Toffeeapple - good idea, I'll post about how we use them.

    Hi Matron - mmmm! sounds good. thyme and chilli would be perfect with squash.

    Hi Artslice - I love autumn too!



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