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Monday 13 October 2008

Autumn sunshine

Thank you for all your suggestions for recipes for our Saffron harvest. The one that tempted me most was Zoe's suggestion of Cornish Saffron Cake. I found a recipe on that wonderful blog Baking for Britain.

I'm afraid my efforts didn't live up to the brioche-like fluffiness of texture I was hoping for and eagle-eyed domestic goddesses will notice it's a tad under cooked, BUT it tastes pretty darned good with a nice cup of tea in the autumn sunshine in the garden.

I've just harvested more Saffron and there are at least three more flower buds emerging :-) There will be enough Saffron to try a savoury recipe too.


  1. Still lookes pretty good to me. I wouldn't say no to a slice!

  2. Yum! looks very tasty to me too! What a shame you can't email a slice!

  3. Looks good to me - certainly wouldn't say no to a slice!

  4. Hi from sunny Anglesey! Just drooling over your scrummy cake, just trying to convice myself that this heap of house work can wait, and I should bake something tasty too!
    Wonderful things in your Etsy shop, just love it all!
    x Vicky x

  5. I'll be another taker for cake please. It looks gorgeous.

  6. What a wonderful blog - art and gardening! Who could ask for more :)

  7. Looks pretty darn tasty to me but then I was never a domestic goddess.

  8. Yes, I would have recommended a Cornish fruit loaf too! Happy memories of childhood.

  9. Thanks Celia for the lovely "kicking leaves" suggestion - I will do that with my hens this afternoon. Love the look of this bread - I could just eat a slice now.

  10. Hi everyone! You've all been very polite and made kind comments about my attempt to bake Cornish Saffron Cake. It was passable toasted and buttered but a bit 'clung' in the middle.

    Hi Hannah - I'm sure you could do a much better job than me at baking!

    Welcome to my blog Danielle - your paintings of rooks are beautiful!



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