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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Can I tempt you?

Look, I know the weather isn't very spring-like and you're probably wrapped up in your winter woollies, but when that chunky catalogue falls through the letterbox I bet you dream of being a chirpy Boden-girlie sitting in the sunshine at some pavement café . . . admit it, I do (even if I'd never look like a Boden-girlie in a zillion years!)

Well, how about this to brighten up a cold grey day on the Fen edge?

And there's more – the Artisan Stallholders will be: the clever Mrs P with her lovely silvery beady jewels; the colourful Dottycookie with her retro stitching; sublime ceramics made by local potter Sally; Nadine – weaver of fenland willows, with her practical baskets; fabric given a second life as stylish bags made by Lily button; and cards and stationery to make you smile from Roxana de Rond .

I'm assured that there will also be cakes and tea :-)

Oh, I almost forgot, I'll be there too with prints and cards and my new printed hens – so that's why Im going to be very very busy this week – I might not have time for blogging.

If you're in the area, see you on Saturday (I'm assured that there will be lots of signs pointing the way to Swaffham Prior). By the way it's very close to Anglesey Abbey where you can meander along the inspiring Winter Walk and see the drifts of snowdrops beneath the trees – I thought that might tempt you ;-)



  1. Alas, unless I can find a transporter booth somewhere, I can only dream of the beautiful artifacts that will be there to be seen and purchased. I live on the other side of the planet, in a little cottage in Portland Oregon, but I will be there in spirit

  2. Yes you can tempt me... but I'm working in St Albans all day so I'll miss it!

  3. I would so love to be there - but it's too far. I was interested in Sally's website -I'm taking a course in willow sculpture later this month and as usual I am fired with enthusiasm for a new skill.

    Have a cake for me seeing as I cant have one with you!

  4. Now you have made me excited, my parents live in Swaffham Prior so I will deffo go for a nose around :-) Thanks for the tip off Purple Podded Peas!

  5. Thanks for this Celia - with all this wonderful talent on show I will do my best to come along!

    Have a good week.

    Jeanne x

  6. Just a thimbleful....

    Oh to be a Boden yummy mummy!I'm more of a Saga grannie now! I'll be there if I can.

  7. You are going to have to put a pack of cards aside for me - I shall be sat in a feltmaking class all weekend :|

  8. Too bad that I live on the other side of the ocean. I would love to go, if only to meander and see the snowdrops before dropping in and buying a print. Enjoy the show! Hope it goes well and that you take some pictures to share here.


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