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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I was being watched

Blue sky and warm sunshine, today The Wild Wood felt alive with potential growth. The tabby studio assistant sat bathed in warm rays and I settled down to eat my lunch and read about Rooks in Roger Deakin's book 'Wildwood'.

I was engrossed in my reading, but a sense that I was being watched came over me, I glanced down at the tabby one – she was alert to someone or something in the field on the opposite side of the stream.

A little Muntjac deer was watching us intently, amazingly he came closer and sniffed the air – maybe he could smell my lunch of warmed risotto with parmesan and watercress? I wonder if he'll be a regular lunchtime visitor?


  1. Great little film Celia - the little Muntjac could sense something - what a privilege to have such a good view of him. I think the Wild Wood is going to offer up some gems!

    Tabby One was enjoying the sunshine, coincidentally cats feature in my post today too!

    Jeanne x

  2. Lovely little thing isn't s/he? Good to see she wasn't fazed by Tarragon's vocalisation!

  3. a bold little creature! maybe she was drawn to the sound of running water. must be no hunters around you for her to out so late in the day.

  4. What a beautiful film! Thank you for sharing that lunch with all of us.

    I would imagine that you might see that little deer again. Get you sketchbook ready.


  5. Great film:-)
    Have you closed your Etsy shop?

  6. Aahh how cute, love the look on his face when your cockerel crows :-)

  7. Now that's what I call a fantastic way to spend your lunchtime!
    What a beautiful little creature - I would be happy if it joined me for lunch every day!
    Enjoy your Wildwood!
    Please let us know how you get on with Roger Deakin's book. I have read Notes from Walnut Tree Farm, which was wonderful, but none of his others.
    Best wishes

  8. Well, your lunch beats mine hands down, in every way!

  9. what a sweet sight.

    the audio was nice too.

  10. Laughed to hear Tarragon!

    A lovely lunch break (breakfast break for me)Thanks, Celia

  11. Lovely lunch visitor. What a great way to spend a sunny midday.

  12. Ahhh how fab. Here's hoping he/she returns for more delightful lunch dates in the sun! Wanted to say "hey" as well. I'm new to your blog and enjoying it soo much. Thanks, Ionwen. X

  13. Loved your little movie of the sweet little deer and your kitty!
    Can almost feel the warmth of the sun!

  14. Hi ~ found you through "everyday life" and came over for a visit.

    Isn't nature wonderful?

    And your tabby cat is adorable!

  15. I am so very very privileged to live a stone's throw from Woburn deer park. We get to see all manner of deer at close quarters, and after 27 years I'm still enchanted.

  16. Oh fantastic! and what a beautiful spot you have to eat your lunch.

  17. What a dear little deer! I like the sound effects also.

    Isn't the sunshine wonderful? Let's hope it lasts.

  18. Now that makes my day. I loved watching your video ~ the deer, the sound of the running water, the rooster's regular vocal additions and your tabby studio assistant. What a perfectly lovely lunch. I hope you continue making these videos.

  19. love the muntjac, I see the odd one now and again when walking in our local wood but they never stay put for as long as that, what a great film.

  20. I admit that I didn't have lunch in The Wild Wood today - it's bitterly cold!

    But I'm enjoying this project - it's amazing what you notice day by day...

    Jeanne - the tabby one thinks The Wild Wood is hers and only hers!

    Veg Heaven - I've often seen Muntjac but never before had chance to observe one at close quarters like this!

    Petoskystone - it's unlikely this Muntjac would be shot by anyone - the only danger would be a collision with a vehicle.

    Frances - I haven't seen the Muntjac this week.

    Allycoll - well, that's a good question - my etsy shop or a replacement shop will reappear at the end of March.

    Scented Sweetpeas - maybe Tarragon's call attracted him?!

    Hi Dan - 'Wildwood' is very enjoyable, Roger Deakin sadly died just before it was published, and 'Notes from Walnut Tree Farm' was compiled by his partner from notes he left. I like to think he would approve of my Reading in The Wild Wood project.

    Hi Dottycookie - this project has become a sort of ritual.

    Hi Po - thank you, I will enjoy looking back over a year in The Wild Wood.

    Dinahmow - How-are-yooooodle-doooo?

    Threadspider - this project is not just for sunny days, but I wimped out today - too much work to do and too too cold!

    Welcome to PPPs Ionwen :-)

    Nan and Catherine - the tabby one is an aloof little miss-chief!

    Lucy - I would love to see Fallow and Roe Deer, I know they are out there.

    Jamjar - we're so pleased we acquired this patch of land, it's lovely to sit and just watch quietly.

    Acornmoon - no sun today - grey and joint numbing cold!

    Kate - more videos soon, promise.

    Damo - I was amazed when he just walked closer and looked at me - a magic moment.



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