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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

"Going somewhere? . . ."

I love my new bag, it's just right to wear over my favourite coat :-)

I'm just going to the little Post Office in the next village with a package of my linocuts for Edwards & Todd in Museum Street London (they've requested more as they've nearly sold out!).

Although there's a Post Office in the local town centre that's maybe closer, it's a pain to find a parking place and then there's the queue and the announcements 'Cashire nummmmber twoooooo' – no, I prefer the little rural Post Office and General Stores in the next village, it sells all sorts of things and there's a stool to sit on by the counter. The dress code is Suffolk country casual - wellies, gardening trousers and hand-knits. Long may it thrive!

Today I look a bit dressy, someone will probably say, "Going somewhere? . . ."

Well, I am actually – the lovely pub just along the road in the adjoining village for a pub lunch with friends :-)

Back soon to tackle the next illustration deadline.


  1. Do you know how close I was to stealing your coat on Saturday? And now you have a gorgeous new bag too!

    Congrats on the prints selling out - I'm not at all surprised.

  2. I. Want. That. Coat.
    But, I'm afraid my goats would like it too. It looks yummy.

  3. Gorgeous coat!!!!

    I want it too.


  4. I really miss our village Post Office and Store - it was deemed "not necessary to the community" in the latest culling by Post Office Ltd! Thankfully there is one in a neighbouring village but it does mean getting in the car or a very energetic bike ride!

    Anyway I digress... congratulations on the further order for your linocuts Celia. Love the coat and the bag too.

    Jeanne x

  5. Well done you with the gallery sales!

    We are losing many of our sub post offices and now have to queue for ages to post a parcel.
    Anyway, you are looking very dapper and the perfect country lady, I hope you enjoy your lunch.

    Your lino cuts would make gorgeous kitchen fabrics too, aprons, tea towels perhaps?

  6. lovely bag! yea for the words 'almost sold out'!

  7. You look absolutely stunning!!! x

  8. Well Cecia, that coat, that bag, and ... that request for more prints for the gallery in Museum Street. Well done times 3!

    Also, may I commend your selection of that post office. I am so, so lucky in having a marvelous post office a short walk away in my neighborhood. It has been relocated many times during the decades I have lived here, yet even with the relocations has retained a great efficiency, lovely helpful staff and friendly open hours (yes, I do write about a post office.)

    Even when there is a queue, there is a postal service employee sort of acting as manager of the queue, making sure that you've got all you need along the way to the counter, and even helping you to find a way to a self service machine that might quicken your mission.

    This P.O. is just across the avenue from ABC television HQ and studios, and sometimes we even see a face we recognize in that queue.

    Never however, have I seen a coat on the queue better than yours! xo

  9. Sounds like a perfect afternoon... and it's always nice to be replenishing 'sold out' art. What could be better? Super cute coat!

  10. What good news about replenishing stocks!

    Your coat is wonderful, did you embellish it yourself? The new bags goes with it very well.

  11. Yes to all the comments about the coat! I am with you on post offices too. Ours was threatened with closure and an enterprising local has saved it by combining it with the deli/butcher so it is now even more the hub of the village. I was in town with a parcel the other day and actually walked past the big post office so I could go to the village and use the small one! use it or lose it as they say.


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