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Friday, 12 March 2010

This week . . . over to you

On 14 March 2007 I started a blog, I wanted to keep a diary of my garden and work in progress in my studio. I was also excited about getting some new hens later that week and thought it would be fun to keep a diary about them too. I had no idea that I'd still be blogging three years later . . . and still enjoying it.

You never know who you may stumble upon in blogland – too many lovely bloggers to mention! And who may be reading your blog and where that may lead (did I really do that!)

So how shall we celebrate? The thing is, I've had an offer I couldn't refuse – I'm going to be very very busy next week and probably won't be able to blog . . . so it's over to you for a whole week.

Pop in and say hello, chat among yourselves, visit each others blogs and let me know why you visit PPPs – art? hens? gardening? Like all good parties we'll have prizes HIP HIP HURRAY! Yes, there will be three PPP-parcels of seeds, cards and hens with bells on, for three PPP-readers who comment on this third birthday blog post. The three lucky people will be selected by the under-gardeners after the closing date, midnight GMT 21 March 2010.

Over to you . . .



  1. Congratulations on the three years of blogging! I know what you mean about time flying by, I'll have been blogging for three years this October. Don't know how that amount of time has flown by. Good luck with all your deadlines. I've just been admiring your beautiful website too, very elegant, and beautifully done. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  2. Wow three years. I do love the logo, think it is fantastic. I have not yet been blogging a year, but your site is something I asspire too

  3. Why do I visit your blog? It is one of a few - where artists invite us to share the creative process. The inspiration. The technical development, of composition, combinations of colours. Then when you present the finished product, it is like hearing a symphony performed by a live orchestra. Not just the closing snippet, Plunk. Instead we get ... ta da!

  4. I'm not such an experienced blogger as you but I enjoy your garden posts, your artistic 'insider' blogs, and of course, you are a fellow chicken keeper.

    I especially enjoyed the chance to suggest names for your Spice Girls. Hot stuff they are too!

    Best of luck with the job your couldn't refuse!

  5. wow 3 years, I have only just started but can see why it is so addictive. I found you via SilverPebble and kept coming back as I love to see how your chickens are getting on (as I have 12 myself) and also your art is love plus I am just very nosey :-) I visit other blogs for inspiration for many things, art, children, eco living, cooking, growing my own and the more I read the more ideas I get and the list then grows longer !

  6. Congratulations! I think we muct have started at around the same time.

    I love visiting your blog - your artwork is inspirational (one of these days I SHALL have your prints on all my walls), you give wonderful ideas of local places to visit and I love to see what's going on in your garden. I often use your accounts of what you're up to as my cue to get on with things in my own veggie patch!

    I'm very glad you're here, and I hope you'lll stay here for a good long time yet. Hope this week goes well for you.

  7. reading about the chicks always brings a smile to my face! esp. as i have no room for chickens here, & it is increasingly obvious that there isn't enough sun for a veggie or flower garden. just living vicariously!

  8. Many congratulations on your three years of blogging!

    My main reason for visiting your blog, well it's hard to say because the combination of gardening, village life and inspirational artwork all add up to a unique place to visit and where would you be without those under-gardeners? If I had to pick one reason it would have to be those wonderful lino prints.

  9. Hi Celia and congrats on the 3rd Anniversary. I first came here for the gardening, fell in love with the hens, adored the artwork and now stay for the company and conversation.
    Have a great week.

  10. Hello Celia, and happy anniversary to your blog!

    It was your printmaking that first attracted me to your site. I am a fan of linocuts, and think yours are very fine indeed.

    Then, I guess it wasn't too long before I got caught up in the chicken reporting, which is also very fine.

    The entire concept of being able to connect with folks who live far away and in different circumstances is wonderful to me, a constant amazement.

    Best wishes! xo

  11. Happy third blogging birthday.

    I've been blogging for a little over a year myself, as a way to share my new life (building our house, growing veg and keeping chickens) with friends who are too far away to see for themselves.

    I love checking in to see what my fellow bloggers are up to, and it helps for a bit of inspiration every once in a while (who can resist the lure of updates on chickens and gardens .. and great artwork to boot).

    I hope you celebrate many more blog birthdays with us here.

  12. WOW! three years that is a long time one one blog. Congratulations:-)I keep getting bored and starting new ones. LOL

    I love seeing whats happening in your garden and what the under gardeners are up to then there are all the goings on in the WildWood...tis better than a soap.
    Then there is the best bit seeing all your fab art work emerging...stunning stuff:-)
    Take care,

  13. Whoop whoop on y'third blogging birthday. Everything about your site is a delight. I too want to get m'self some chickens and get into gardening and that's how I happened upon your fab blog. One day soon, crossing fingers. Your posts have such variety and I look forward to all your installments. Keep up the good work and hope all is going well with the "offer you couldn't refuse". Huggles. Ionwen X

  14. comgratulations on your forth coming anniversary. I have loved seeing all your lovely work and of course the chickens. Glad to see Tarragon has found a lovely home and his sisters send their best wishes.

  15. Three years- congratulations
    Your blog is a pleasure to visit and I hope you continue for many more years. Good luck with your project.

  16. Congratulations, it is such an achievement to keep blogging for this long - I know!

    Love your art, your insight and inspirations. Look forward to getting you back on line soon.

  17. I have been going nearly three years too but discovering your blog was a fairly recent delight. I love the sense of something in common from our shared interest in hens and gardening and a sense of a window into another world which I get from your art. I also just like the sense that blogging gives me of reaching some really lovely people whose paths I wouldn't otherwise cross. It is a long way from your house to mine!

  18. Congratulations on three years. I have you on my fave blog list as it makes me smile every time I visit. I love seeing what the hens are up to. I keep ducks and every year look forward to sewing my purple podded peas for the allotment. Janette

  19. Happy Blog Birthday... I'll have been going three years this summer too! Just like to say I love everything you write about on your blog... the garden, the vegetables, the cooking, the hens and your beautiful prints.. so please don't stop. I liked your coat on the the previous post too!

  20. Some people get less than 3 years for serious crimes you know ;)

    I come here because the art is good, no better than good! (there, that's my online praise quota for the week gone) and because I like that we live in the same part of the country but have never met (I don't make good first impressions).

    Not being allowed to keep chickens any more means that I get my chicken fix vicariously. I do miss my hens - but what can you do when the covenants say no? I also like gardening - true, I have to go to the allotment to do it (raised beds in the pipeline this year though) but at least I can say that I have grown purple string beans and purple flowered broad beans.

    But what I really like is that your blog is approachable and personable, that's why I really pitch up :D


  21. goodness it has been busy over the last few days!
    We're missing you Celia:-)

  22. three years!!! wow - congratulations
    i found you via vanessa and i'm a fellow chicken keeper


  23. Hi HAve jsut found this blog and love it. Am learning to linocut and have a "technical" question which I hope is for the sharing. On http://purplepoddedpeas.blogspot.com/search/label/linocuts what is being used in the transfer process to get image from drawing to lino? Is there any subsequent treatment needed before printing to remove what may be on the uncut surface?

    Thanks! Chris

  24. Great logo and congratulations on 3 years. I love visiting your blog as I find it very inspiring. I also love your tabby cat :)

    www.mrspao.com/blog is where I am. I am hoping to be planting seed later today.

  25. Congrats on the three years blogging!

  26. 3 years! wow, does'nt the time just slip by!

    I love reading your blog, being an illustrator and gardener myself I love your mix of plants and artwork (LOVE your studio by the way!) and I'm hoping to get some undergardeners myself this year!

    Thanks for the lovely pics and words!

  27. Happy 3rd anniversary! What I love -
    Definitely the hens. No maybe the gardening. Or the artwork. No definitely the hens!

  28. I started reading your blog after visiting your open studio in the summer 07. I'm interested in lino printing and was also lured by the promise of hens, having a fondness for chickens. Now I enjoy your prints on my walls and a chance to see the creative process behind them. I've never left a comment before but on discovering that people who read blogs but never comment are called "lurkers" I thought that sounded a bit sinister and underhand so Happy Blog Birthday!

  29. Just a thimbleful.....

    Happy third Blog Birthday! I discovered you via Gina and just love your style. Blogging is an extension of my compulsive diary writing (60 years and going strong)and it is a wonderful thing to be able to peep into other people's lives. Keep on sharing your art and your life with us.

  30. congratulations! "3 TODAY"
    It is only a few weeks ago that I began to follow the progress of your prints/illustrations and to enjoy your whitty banter reporting to us the'daily dilly dalyings' of the under gardeners.
    I've been off to the beach for a few days and not surfing, so getting home I couldn't wait to log on and find how things are in the studio and garden.... and then I find I'm invited to a party!
    Hip Hip Hooray! Happy Birthday....

  31. My goodness, the time has flown hasn't it. Congratulations on three years of blogging Celia. I started both my blogs in 2007 too. I've been taking a look back at my oldest posts, and notice many names are still leaving comments on my blogs to this day. Now that's blogging friendship for you! x

  32. Congratulations on your three years of blogging. I met you at Broadland Art Centre not long after you started and stuck your pretty card up by the computer. I think you were my first introduction to Blogland! I love the mix of printing and gardening, and the interventions of the undergardeners and studio assistants! You were one of my inspirations to start my own blog and I strive to be as entertaining. Have a good week, and thanks for the fun so far, looking forward to more!
    Penny x

  33. The undergardeners are going to choose the winners at midnight?! Oo can't wait to see that! :)

    Ms Celia, as I've said before - yours was one of the first blogs I ever came across and one of a few that I read regularly. I love all of it - the chickens, the art, the garden - all in equal measure. And I do like to go potter about when I have the time and meet your other readers.

    Happy 3rd blogversary. May the garden, your chickens and your art practice thrive for many more to come!

    Jacqui x

  34. and I forgot to say...I always really enjoy reading your posts when you've been cooking because it is inevitably very delicious and made with exotic ingredients and makes me want to make something.

    And the other fav thing is that our seasons are opposite, as is our landscape, so it is always intriguing to see what is going on in your corner of the world.

  35. happy blog birthday.
    I love all the things on your blog as it just makes me think. right down to dredging up raffia flower memories - who would have thought. It's also great because its close to home, it stretches from suffolk across cambridge and to the edge of herts. So if you have put something into the ground I know that I could do the same!

  36. Happy 3rd blog-aversary!! I also started in August 2007, how quickly the time goes.
    The combination of linoprints and the creative process, gardening and your comments on lifes absurdities is a winner.

  37. I found you via your hens and then bought a picture for my wife. Cats, chickens and gardening, Great combination. Keep going!

  38. Hens did someone mention hens?

    Why do I visit? Ditto to ALL the other comments.

    But I visit becuase I come away feeling so inspired by your work, green with envy at your talent but happy that you are so generous in sharing with us all and of course the hens, chickens, chooks, those feathery creatures, with individual personalities who lay lovely eggs for my breakfast.

    Congrats on your third birthday, may their be many more

  39. Happy third birthday!!! Found your blog a year or so ago via The Cottage Smallholder - love it for the mix of gardening chickens art and the cats.

  40. Hi Everyone - I've grabbed a minute or two to drop in to see what you've been up to.

    40 comments!!! Entry to the prize draw is now closed, thank you for your lovely words - I'm looking forward to another year of blogging...

    I'll have a word with the under-gardeners about selecting the lucky winners.

    Back soon

  41. I missed the deadline as I'm only just back in the blogging game but I'm going to comment anyway. Yours and Gina's were the first blogs I visited. Your little world is soothing, inspirational and just plain lovely Celia. You've spurred me on, both directly and indirectly, to blog. Having met you in person it confirmed that blogging is a fabulous thing. Thankyou xxx

    Oh, and let's make things in the next few weeks.


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