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Monday, 23 June 2008

Live on air

Look what I found in the BBC Radio Suffolk car park . . .

And here I am on 'the sofa' in Studio 1B (or cubicle, as it says on the webcam) . . .

There were two big stories dominating the headlines in Suffolk today, the ongoing problems of the Bascule Bridge in Lowestoft (was it now shut and the road open, or open and and the road still shut?) and a tragic accident off the coast of neighbouring county Norfolk over the weekend and subsequent search for a missing teenager. But in between serious traffic updates and interviews with the Norfolk coastguard there was time for some light-hearted chat – Michael, a prize winning Airedale Terrier, had 'personally' sent in a supply of Digestive and Custard Cream biscuits for his favourite radio presenter and her guests! And there was time for me to chat about working as an illustrator and my passion for growing heritage vegetables; and I got to advertise our village garden fete which is on Saturday and my Open Studio days in July.

I forgot to be nervous, somehow I forgot that there might be others outside the room who were listening, and I actually enjoyed the experience! Not that I want to change careers! I'm sure Lesley's mind was in top gear taking in everything on all the screens in front of her and listening to voices I couldn't hear, while staying calm and smiling throughout!

Thank you to Peter Cook for inviting me to be a 'sofa guest', and to Darren for organising a bollard with my name on it and making me a cup of tea. And thank you to Michael the Airedale Terrier for the Custard Cream biscuits!


  1. Excellent green traffic cone. That made me laugh!

  2. That must have been such fun! ( I would have wanted to keep the traffic cone. :>) )

  3. Love that picture of the cone. Is there any way we can listen on the internet? I find any radio I listen to these days is on my computer a couple of days late ... but I've never tried to find local radio

    So glad it was fun and not nerve-wracking


  4. Wow! That must have been so exciting Celia - especially like your very own traffic cone!

  5. Now that's what I call classy dog training!

  6. A traffic cone with your name on it! And in such a lovely shade of green. Congratulations on the interview. The photos from Denmark were wonderful. And the ones of the peas were so lovely. We've been harvesting peas for about 2 weeks now. All from one trellis. We'll start harvesting on the second trellis next week. Next year we will either thin more agressively or not sow so much!

  7. What a clever dog Michael is! Truly man's best friend!

  8. Were you allowed to bring the traffic cone home? x

  9. I had to leave the traffic cone in Ipswich!

    I have been given a recording of the show, but because of copyright regulations I can't put it on the blog without editing out the music. It will appear soon - promise!


  10. Tut! I didn't get to grips with editing the recording... you'll have to use your imagination!!!



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