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Friday, 13 June 2008

Birds of a feather . . .

. . . lay eggs together!


  1. Great picture! They're pretty cute together.

  2. I so want chickens! They are two beautiful ladies.

  3. Yes, they do! I had 4 nest boxes and one day found 2 Rhode Islands (big birds)in one nest and underneath...? Little Biddy-the- Bantam! All laid eggs.

  4. Well why not?
    Don't tell the NHS maternity wards or it might give them ideas...

  5. LOVE it! birds of a feather flock together and all that


  6. Love their henny speckles - they look very snug.

    Ate our first purple podded peas today Celia! Miss P1 was scoffing them raw as though they were jelly tots. A post to come soon...

  7. Hi Artslice - Sylvie and Phoebe tahnk you for the compliment!

    Hi Zoe - there's something very cosy about hens

    Hi Dinahmow - what's it all about? - are they making acollective clutch of eggs?

    Hi Charlotte - good grief no!!!

    Hi Joanna - the similar coloured birds definitely like to hang around together!

    Hi Silverpebble - I remember eating peas like that, I sure it will be a memory for Miss P1 too!

    Hi Louise - they know!


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