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Sunday, 15 June 2008

A parcel of delights!

I'm intrigued how some people happen upon my blog, occasionally I check the hit-counter and check to see how recent visitors have found Purple Podded Peas. Often it's a google search for "peas purple pods", the other week it was a search for "looking after hens". What caught my eye was the website listed after my blog, it was www.hencam.com, a message on the screen read 'The chickens are in bed for the night. Please try again in the morning.' The hencam is part of the website of Terry Golson a talented chef and author who lives near Boston in the USA, and like me, she has a shop on Etsy.com. I spent a happy tea break reading Terry's blog and smiling a the witty retro pin badges she makes from vintage book and magazine pages.

It wasn't long before Terry had spotted I'd listed The Store at Little Pond Farm as one of my favourite Etsy shops and after a chat via email we decided to swap some goodies. Terry selected a print of my much loved (and missed) Black Cochin hen picking blackberries, she was named Queen Victoria (who else would wear such stately black crinoline!). I chose Terry's latest book The Farmstead Egg Cookbook and a few badges.

The parcels obviously passed in mid-Atlantic and both arrived yesterday! The cookbook is beautifully designed and illustrated with gorgeous photos (including some of Terry's hens) and they are just the sort of recipes that are useful for using fresh eggs and home grown vegetables and fruit.

The badges are fab! Which one shall I wear today?

that's a perfect thought for the day!


  1. Fabulous parcel of goodies... and thank you for the interesting links.

  2. There is also a British hencam -

    Love those badges.

  3. That hencam is great - much better than Big Brother. I really like the tail shapes of the bantam white leghorn hens at Little Pond Farm. Would make great subects for prints/quilts/silverwork. Your hen-related goodies are great too. You'll have to share some eggy recipes...

  4. By the way Celia, if you ever fancy a swap, I could model one of your feathered ladies or some peapods in silver as a pendant...just a thought for the future.

  5. Yes, hencam is a lovely site. Thanks for the link.

  6. Hi Gina - it was like Christmas!

    Hi Jamjar - thank you for the link - fab!

    Hi Silverpebble - hens are lots of inspriation! Oh let's do a swap!

    Hi Dinahmow - isn't Terry's site fun!


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