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Friday, 6 June 2008

Ripe and ready to eat!

Yesterday we picked the first two ripe strawberries from the strawberry patch. The first was picked early in the morning, a slug had started to nibble one side, but I ate the rest cut up on my breakfast oats. Late in the evening I checked the strawberry patch and spotted this perfect strawberry ripe and ready to eat - by us and not the slugs during the night. I picked it at once and cut it in half so we could have half each – 'Gariguette' – the most perfect, intense, strawberry-flavour ever!


  1. I was eating my first strawberries yesterday straight from the bush. The woodlice were joining in with me! x

  2. Yum!

    They look delicious and all the nicer for having come straight from the plant.

    Had you noticed that your blog posts werent appearing on Blotanical?

    I had the same problem, until I followed Stuart's advise in the 'News 'section' on how to resolve it. Seems Blogger is playing up.

    Best Wishes,


  3. What I love about blogging is that the fruit and veggies ripening in my garden is almost exactly the same as the ones in everyone elses! Isn't nature wonderful? Enjoy your strawberry

  4. Beautiful - so red! Our strawberries are very nearly ready, although Mr Blackbird has been trying to divebomb the little cage we built for them. We're trying a couple of wild strawberry plants too.

  5. I am so jealous! I wish my strawberries were ready...not quite...we need some warmth!

  6. Thay looks mouth watering. Mine are still green and on the small side - I have to compete with the blackbirds!

  7. You are a lucky eater! I'm also jealous, we have had cool weather and my garden isn't growing at the rate it usually does... it's a bit dissapointing. Have one for me!

    Happy weekend,

  8. Fantastic! I got back from a long-weekend away to find a good number of my strawberry-planter strawberries nearly ready. I'm looking forward to dinner this evening!

  9. Oooo, that is a GORGEOUS strawberry. Mouth watering just looking at it...

  10. Louise - you can't beat a freshly picked home grown strawberry!

    Zoe - thanks for letting me know about Blotanical. I really don't look that often - lots of interesting blogs but not that easy to navigate!

    Matron - exactly - a journey through the seasons together!

    Silverpebble - you strawberries will be wonderful - enjoy!

    Jean Ann - hope you get some sunshine soon.

    Gina - it's a constant battle with the birds - we've now got a tried and tested construction of wood, net and scaffold poles.

    Brenda - another US Pacific West Coast gardener wishing for sunshine - hope things improve soon!

    Organic Viking - enjoy your strawberries, well done!

    Soilman - they're worth the effort aren't they!


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