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Monday, 9 June 2008

The carnelian project - Part 2

In April I wrote about our project to transform a nodule of carnelian into something really special. A few days ago I picked up three stylish black boxes from Abi of Silverspirals . . .

and this is what's inside the boxes . . .

I hadn't considered having one of the stones set into a ring – thank you Abi, I love it! She also suggested that the large pendant should have one of my leaf motifs on the reverse . . .

. . . perfect!

I've already worn the little square pendant almost every day since it was finished!


  1. They are absolutely beautiful Celia. Have to say I quite like the first shot too... but you'll know why ;)

  2. Celia what gorgeous jewellery - and such a lovely thing to have these pieces made from carnelian you found yourself. The addition of your leaf motif is such a lovely touch. Not surprised you've worn your pendant so much.

  3. Those are lovely, especially the leaf motif ... SO special


  4. Aren't they beautiful? I expect you'll treasure them for ever. The leaf motif was an inspired piece of design!

  5. Thank you! I'm thrilled with what Abi has created from our carnelians. It's the sort of jewellery I love wearing and feels really special.

    Oh, and thanks go to Gina of Fan my Flame for my lovely new make-up bag with the cute bird and red buttons!



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