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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Remembering Dawn

Some sad news today . . .

One of our under-gardeners died this morning, Dawn had been unwell for a few weeks after a sudden 'funny turn', to use a very English term, when she spent a day swaying her head like a metronome. From that day she stopped laying and had a different posture. My hunch is that she had a stroke of some kind, since then she found it increasingly difficult to process food in her crop, so rapidly lost weight and strength.

I'll remember her happier days – Dawn was the perkiest little hen I've ever met, her party trick was to fly up onto my hand and perch there, falcon-like, as we inspected the garden.

I'm pleased to report her fellow under-gardeners are all fit and well, they love strawberries even more that me (well, maybe not quite as much!); we lob the slug-nibbled fruits over the garden wall from the vegetable garden to the lawn where the under-gardeners await, poised like fielders at Lords to catch the flying fruit.


  1. Sad ... what a lovely life she had in your beautiful garden. And I love the image of your hens fielding for England - whoever says hens are stupid clearly doesn't know any ;)


  2. Very sad to hear about Dawn but she obviously would have a had a very happy and contented life with you and that's important.

  3. We are sad for the loss of your under gardening friend. You gave her a most enjoyable and entertaining life, I'm sure. My children were wondering how old Dawn was. They loved hearing about her talents.

  4. Sorry to hear about Dawn. I do know how it feels.
    But you will have other hens and other happy days.

  5. ohh...so sorry to read this post :( poor little thing...Glad all the others are well - love reading about their exploits!
    PS Mine love strawberries too - it's a bit treat to put the ends in their mash

  6. So sad to hear about Dawn. I am sure you became very attached to her. x

  7. So sorry to hear about your under gardener, very sad. BTW I love your metal chickens! I saw some just like that when I visited Roald Dahl's house and garden in Great Missenden last year.

  8. They always leave a hole in your life don't they? Very sorry to hear about your loss.

  9. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts.

    Sew Anyway - welcome to PPPs.
    Dawn was relatively young, 18 months. Chickens are prone to all sorts of ailments, so sadly you have to be prepared for some to live short lives. Dawn's life was very happy and we didn't let her suffer.

    The under-gardeners were very quiet the day after Dawn died. Now they are re-adjusting the pecking order.


  10. Oh how sad.

    I remember her flying up to your hand when I visited for the open studios.

  11. Sorry to hear your hen died. But wonderful that the other under-gardeners are all doing well.


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