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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sunny days, busy days

I've had a busy week, as well as some chunky batches of digital illustration briefs arriving in my email inbox with very short deadlines (you know who you are, if you ever drop in and read this), I had to get wares ready for the Boden Clothes and Artisan Fair at Swaffham Prior.

But the weather was glorious, there were some nice programmes on Radio 4 and I even opened the door of my studio and let in the fresh air and sunshine – the under-gardeners dropped by for a midday snack of porridge oats . . .

They deserve a treat as they helped me design a new range of printed gifts :-)

Here's some block printed wrapping paper hanging up to dry . . .

The sunshine put me in the mood for flowers and bright bright colours!

After a few late nights spent sticking and cutting, all was packed and ready for today – I felt very pleased with my new look display labels. Here's my stall all ready for customers.

Phew! That was a lot of work, but worth it because everyone had lots of fun. Oh yes! I admit it, I was tempted to spend some of my earnings – I bought a gorgeous aubergine coloured 'Lucy Bag' from Lily Button and ordered a sassy (I think that's the correct Boden term) frock to wear when the sun shines this summer.

Hope you're enjoying your weekends too. I've got to work tomorrow – deadlines to meet!



  1. I am very impressed you've blogged this already - I'm fit to drop!

    The girls love their flowers - thank you so much.

  2. Loving the chickens, real and stamps!

  3. Celia I love the wrapping paper! Wish I could have been there. Love the girls hogging all the treats at the door and everytime I hear your little man crow it just makes me laugh! They're so funny. Happy sunny days to come for you - I'm enjoying things cooling down and getting misty here.

  4. Bravo, bravo. Everything you've shown looks marvelous. I am sure that the exhibit was a grand success.

    Take a bow!


  5. Well you've inspired me - I've just made my first ever online purchase of clothing - a dress and top! I love that catalogue - thanks!!

  6. When I eventually get my little cottage in the country I am definitely getting chickens! I hope all went well for you at the sale. I love all the colours on your stall. They all blend in so nicely together. x

  7. What a tempting stall - I couldn't have kept my money in my pocket!

    I love the video links of the chickens.

  8. announce the world, tarragon! lovely wrapping paper :)

  9. all absolutely wonderful with the "flavor" of spring- the colors you chose and the subject matter- love the chickens- we use to have a white leghorn that would perch on the edge of the truck and watch "grandpa" work under the hood!

  10. gggr now I am really jealous, I so wanted to come to the fair but little sweetpea decided this was the weekend she would get the sickness bug :-( I was hoping to get a little chicken print from you for my kitchen - hey ho I am sure there will be another time.

  11. Gosh, the paper looks gorgeous. Love the photo of the paper hanging in the sun and the shadows all over your desk!

    The table of your work looks so lovely and enticing.

    Happy Sunday

  12. hope ruby is doing better.

  13. this bright sunshine seems to have had such a positive effect on lots of people if their blogs are anything to go by. Inspiring!

  14. What a lovely, cheerful post!
    Made me want some oats...

  15. Just a thimbleful....

    I was so disappointed not to get over to that event -it was just one step too far in a busy day, but so glad it went well!

    I love the way Tarragon stands, very macho!

  16. I love it when you post a video of your girls, they are so sweet.

    What a lot of work on the stall, it looks stunning.

  17. Your booth looks wonderful ~ a lovely assortment of your beautiful creations. I love the sassy new frock. It will match the new and gorgeous bag perfectly!

  18. What a gorgeous post, that gift wrap is just sublime, love it! I remember admiring your work in Country living, how fantastic to get in there, your lino cuts are beautiful Celia. Your new bag is fab, and that coat you're wearing, very nice indeed! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  19. I could sit for ages and watch those undergardeners, especially with the delightful crowing of your rooster as well.

    What beautiful paper you made inspired by your undergardeners! And a delightful display table you created as well.

    Happy spring


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