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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Time for tea (and a slice of cake)

Today the studio assistants helped me to empty the cupboards in the studio. You would not believe the stuff I'd accumulated over the years, much of it I don't use any more – suppliers' catalogues for instance, I now look at what's available online.

The blue wheeliebin is already full to the brim, so we've made a big pile of stuff to go in the bin once it's emptied tomorrow morning. All my inks and printing bits and pieces now have a home inside cupboards rather than on surfaces. There's still a bit of tidying still to do, but already my studio feels twice as spacious, a good days work!

The ginger one has done quite a lot of dusting,
so deserves a nap . . .

And his tabby sister is taking a break
to wash her whiskers . . .

I need a cup of tea and . . . I know!
A slice of that lovely cake I baked last night.

Just the ticket – delicious!

The recipe is from Jacqui's blog, so if you'd like to make her Lemon Yogurt Cake pop over to Henrietta - life in the dome where you can also meet her gorgeous chooks.


  1. I have the cuppa in my hand-I'll just pop over for a slice of that delicious cake-looks gorgeous

  2. Lemon yoghurt cake is our favourite too. It often gets requested for the village Cake Club - brilliant institution!
    Poor assistants - you work them SO hard!

  3. That cake looks wonderful Celia - thanks for the link. Is it fairly easy?

    I adored those printed cushions. I would be overjoyed to be able to print using a linocut. Do let's meet for a swap!


  4. mmm that cake looks lovely! glad the cats helped you tidy.

  5. Bless them - they work so hard! Gorgeous pics.

    Your cake looks delicious - I'm over to Jacqui's blog right now!

    Jeanne x

  6. You're welcome Threadspider :-)

    Hi Veg Heaven - Lemon Yogurt Cake is new to me, but it will be on my list of favourite bakes now.

    Hi Silverpebble - very very easy cake to make - give it a go. Looking forward to the skill swap :-)

    Hi Lyn - It tastes lovely too. The studio assistants love cupboards.

    Hi Jeanne - have fun over at Life in the Dome.


  7. What a very pretty cat! It is good to de clutter every now and then isn't it? Good chi as they say. I like the new look also.

  8. I love the look of the cake! I don't know how the assistants manage to keep up the relentless snoozing pace.

  9. The cake is just desserts for all your hard work. x

  10. Ah you made it!! Excellent :) I tried my friend's again the other day and it was a bit more moist but as she is still withholding the recipe I don't know why...

    Her daughter said she knew what was in it and thrust a piece of paper into my hand where she'd drawn a cup of yogurt, three eggs and a lemon...so I know I'm close!

    Must be feeling good to have all that space cleaned out Celia. Good to see the studio assistants at work!

  11. Doesn't it feel wonderful to clear out old stuff that is no longer serving us? I too just did this! So lovely to have that energy cleared out.

    And what a yummy treat as a reward for all the hard work!


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