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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

How do you like yours?

Have you had pancakes today? How do you like yours?

Lemon & sugar? Maple syrup? In the kitchen cupboard I found a tube of Creme Marrons de l'Ardeche from a favourite deli' and a pot of Mermelade de Maracuya bought at a farmers' market on La Palma . . . mmmmmmm nice!

Chestnut spread and passion fruit marmalade – perfect with our freshly tossed pancakes.


  1. You've made me feel v. hungry suddenly finding these - must admit I hadn't realised it was pancake day until I came in from a long day working outside and was reminded by hubby.... pancakes will have to wait as I was feeling too tired... but now I've seen yours... I better try and get the syrup out tomorrow instead :-) Miranda

  2. Lemon and sugar wins every time!

  3. Hi Miranda - we'll let you have an excuse note, and let you indulge on Ash Wednesday just this once ;-)

    Hi Dottycookie - I like lemon & sugar too, but the alternatives were delicious!


  4. I took the easy option and went to Paul's in Covent Garden for pear and chocolate crepes!

  5. Didn't have any this year - daughter came round on the way home from work to cadge the eggs. She was making pancakes for herself, husband, our 2 grand-daughters, my Mum and my sister - so I thought she should have first go! (When I do, it's definitely lemon and sugar!)

  6. maple syrup.
    I came to your blog via Jude's.
    And in one of your pictures I saw a desk (studio) and I think it is the same as I have here in the Netherlands. The one I bought many years ago and it came from England.

  7. butter & syrup. i prefer my own syrup, but dtr. likes storebought. grandchildren aren't sure how they feel about pancakes...

  8. On Shrove Tuesday it's always tradition for us. We have lemon and sugar on ours! x

  9. I was away last Tuesday for pancake day.. so my Mother handed me two that she had made for me. I took them to Tromso, Norway wrapped in foil and ate them for breakfsat on Tuesday morning!

  10. you have jogged my extremely poor memory to a delightful childhood memory. I remember my mom serving pancakes the occasional time when I was a young girl and she used lemon and sugar as topping. I had entirely forgotten about that. The memory has immediately got my juices flowing. Thank you for bringing this great memory back to life -- that's just how I'll finish my next batch of pancakes!


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