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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happiness is . . .

Beautiful flowers from the one you love . . .

Going to the DIY store together to get stuff
to build things with . . .

Stripping wallpaper while the pot roast pheasant
and jacket potatoes cook . . .

Cliff and I are busy with separate things today, so we did 'together things' yesterday . . .

We went to the warehouse on the disused airfield not far from our house, and bought a very nice new bookcase to replace the one that's now in my studio's office.

We ate a full-English brunch while reading the papers.

We designed a cupboard to cover in all the strange plumbing in the corner of the downstairs bathroom (a very nice room which has been in need of a makeover since we moved here over ten years ago). Then we went to the DIY store to buy all the wood and screws and hinges and stuff.

We started stripping the layers of wallpaper off the bathroom walls . . . while one of the pheasants Cliff bought me cooked in the Le Creuset surrounded with onions, carrots, parsnips, puy lentils and herbs.

We had a delicious supper of pot-roast pheasant accompanied by jacket potatoes, broccoli, gravy and home-made crab-apple jelly.

All in all a very nice Saturday :-)

So today, while Cliff walks 15 miles, I'll get down to some creative things in my very tidy studio, where I now have surfaces which aren't covered with the clutter of months of not putting stuff away because the cupboards are full of things which should have been thrown away.

The Riverslade Gallery needs new stock for Mother's Day and Easter gifts and I have plans.

Later I'm off to a surprise party for a very clever person who's helped a lot of creative people cope with 'new technology'. I can't tell you more because it's a surprise and we've all been sworn to secrecy ;-)


  1. I love it when we do things together. The creative satisfaction is better when it's shared!

  2. Oh, I think you've described a happy Saturday very well!

    Wishing you and yours a Happy Valentine's Day, too. That studio looks just wonderful.


  3. what a wonderful day! hope the re-do goes as nicely;)

  4. what a nice day!

    will your etsy shop open again soon?

  5. What a delightful Saturday, and I can imagine nothing better than your description! May you have a productive studio day and a very happy Valentines Day

  6. What a lovely sounding weekend. I must visit that gallery soon!

  7. I love these together days and ours are very much the same - pretty much bound to involve a trip to a woodyard or an agricultural merchants for chicken feed! romantic, us?

  8. Very admiring of your lovely tidy studio!

  9. Hi Veg Heaven - we've been thinking about doing this 'project' for so long!

    Hi Frances - the studio is scarily neat!

    Hi Petoskystone - the bathroom makeover over with take weeks at our pace!

    Hi Po - now that's a very good question - I may open a Folsky store instead, keep following the blog for news.

    Hi Alison - I can't say the Sunday was very productive, but I had fun in the garden!

    Hi Gina - yes you must!

    Hi Elizabethm - trips to the Feed Store can be romantic... ;-)

    Hi Penny - that's the trouble - I keep admiring the tidy cupboards instead of working.



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