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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Shhhh! deer . . .

Cliff is leading another walk for a local walking group later this month and needed to re-walk some of the route, I was keen to try out my smart new outdoor jacket (a find in TK Maxx at less than half price, earlier today) so late this afternoon we headed off over the fields . . .

As dusk approaches it's one of the best times to spot the local wildlife.

Shhhh! deer . . .

Can you see them? Our binoculars seem to have broken – would you believe it! Just when we needed them. And the camera only managed a couple of shots before the battery died – so I couldn't take a video of the herd as they leapt the ditch and ran over the field.

I'll have to ask you to use your imagination . . .

Cliff counted fifty Fallow Deer as they ran past us to the ridge of the field and then stood and watched us from the skyline.


  1. What a wonderful sight! Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog lately Celia (I've been rubbish at replying) Love the new look on your blog (my aging eyesight finds the text on white much easier to read!)

  2. very nice indeed ... where abouts was that with the deer... maybe I am just not out at the right time of day.
    by the way Dijanne Cevaal is going to be around this month and she may want to catch up with you.

  3. Wonderful. We get deer near us, within a few hundred yards of the house. At certain times of the year you are almost guaranteed to see them on our favourite walk. Magical.

  4. Ah, how wonderful. There's a hill we drive down on the way home from Saffron Walden and we've seen a herd running across there a couple of times - it's quite a sight!

  5. Magic!

    We never see such sights in this neighborhood of mine on the Upper West Side of New York City!

    That really adds to my happiness at seeing what you've shared.

    (The bargain jacket also must be a true find.) xo

  6. What a fantastic thing to see. I have heard there is a herd of deer in Chippenham near to where I live, really must go and track them down with the kiddies.

  7. I get very excited when I see deer. For me it's such a rare privilege. That coat is great too by the way, just the style I like. x

  8. nice view! esp. when deer are far & away from your car! we have whitetails here--notoriously stupid when it comes to motor vehicles. for those unfamiliar w/whitetails, they will stand by the side of the road, in front of a stand of trees, wait until you are almost upon them, & then panic & dash madly in front of the car instead of away to the saftey of a tree-stand.

  9. They're definitely there - a little distant, for sure, but there nonetheless. Lucky you!

  10. Hi Gina - thank you, lot's of people have mentioned it's easier to read.

    Hi Smarcoux - not far from you... I'm email you.

    Hi Veg Heaven - how lovely to know the deer are there.

    Hi Dottycookie - we've seen a herd near Saffron Walden - there are some large woods nearby.

    Hi Frances - I realise the deer are hard to see in the photos - but it shows what it's like to spot them out in the fields.

    Hi Scented Sweetpeas - you'll have deer near you for sure. Just need a little patience and you'll see them.

    Hi Louise - I'm thrilled with my bargain :-)

    Hi Petoskystone - deer collisions are a problem here too - there are experiments with ridges on the roads to made a sound which scares the deer away.

    Hi aforkfull... yes I know they're hard to spot, but that's what it's like when you're in a field in Suffolk.



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