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Friday, 5 February 2010

Lunchtime in The Wild Wood

It's mild and a tiny bit sunny today – no excuses – I could spend my lunchtime in the garden. Of course the under-gardeners came along to help.

For those new to my blog I'll explain . . . the under-gardeners were originally four Marans hybrid hens, sadly Dawn is no longer alive and they were eventually joined by three Araucana x Legbar hens – The Spice Girls. Just after Christmas we gave a home to Tarragon, a young Lavender Araucana cockerel. So these are my seven 'under-gardeners' – they help (specialising in compost turning and pest control) and get under my feet when I'm gardening – I say 'seven' but in fact Tarragon's role is usually supervisory.

My gardening project today was to relocate some Snowdrops I'd put into pots last autumn when I dug out a very congested border. Some of the little clumps of snowdrops are in bud, so I thought I'd plant them in The Wild Wood where there are already some Snowdrops and Winter Aconites appearing among the rubble of what was probably an old furnace.

Of course Tarragon and his team of lady-gardeners found lots to do . . .

. . . and because he's a boy he had to shout about it!


  1. supervision & notification= usual male contributions from *all* species ;)

  2. I am so pleased to see shoots appearing - I am so looking forward to spring. Your under-gardeners are delightful!

  3. We've been planning and seed shopping today with a view to a little allotment clearing on Sunday ... Time to clear the spare room and make space for chitting potatoes!

  4. I had to move a clump of snow drops last week. They were coming up in the chickens' "play area" and I didn't think they'd survive a rough game! Gave me chance to split and spread the clump.

    Noisy boy! He's lovely though!

  5. Where I am, the ground is frozen and more snow expected. I'll have to live vicariously through your flowers for awhile. It doesn't look like Tarragon has damaged the girls' back feathers yet. That's good!

  6. Love the little video. As you were writing about the under-gardeners, I could hear their cluckings and murmurings in my head.

  7. Lovely spring sights and sounds. So good to see.

  8. Your blog has reminded me that I need to check for bulbs springing up as my other half 'tidied up' the hedge bottoms recently so need to check the damage - love the 'new' blog layout

  9. Aaahh loving your blog, I have chickens too and they make the best pets don't they.

  10. Typical Man!
    Spring is coming...

  11. Love the posting and your final comment in particular - so true!! I must admit I love hens too - would have some here if it was easier to find someone to look after them during holidays! Good to see you back online... Miranda

  12. Thank you for this glimpse of what February can bring to a garden. Snowdrops are among my very favorite flowers ... and symbols, too.

    And those hens and the boss Tarragon are too funny. How wonderful for you to have such garden helpers.

    Best wishes. xo

  13. He's so handsome! I'd love to have a rooster. I like how the girls are just doing their thing pretty much ignoring him. V. funny! Enjoying the blog makeover each time I visit. Your blog always looked lovely but it's good to have a change. I've made an appointment to get my hair chopped off this week and I can't wait. I'm suddenly restless and have realised a bit belatedly that a new year is here and I feel ready for something new. Here's (hear's?) to the new year and new starts! jacqui x PS Yes, come to the East Coast of Aus and come visit!!

  14. Its good to see those fresh green shoots appearing. It sounds like your garden may have a very interesting history?

    Good to see the under-gardeners hard at work again - apart from Tarragon of course. Typical boy!

    Have a great weekend. Jeanne x

  15. ... me again. I also meant to say that I look forward to your new-look blog evolving Celia. I really like the new pared-back look.

  16. That cockerel's trousers are fantastic. Your chicken videos are always a treat Celia. Mr P and I love having a chuckle at the under gardeners and their noisy king.

  17. Hi Petoskystone - well observed!

    Hi Bloomsbury Bell - yes, isn't it lovely to see the first flowers.

    Hi Dottycokie - my potatoes are chitting in a corner of the studio - seed shopping is fun!

    Hi Veg Heaven - well done rescuing the snowdrops from your hens' scratching.

    Hi Terry - my neighbour has a saddle I can borrow for Tarragon's favourite, if necessary ;-)

    Hi Leslie - thank you, they like to chatter as they work.

    Thank you Threadspider.

    Hi Jane - thank you - yes that green background had to go!

    Hi Scented Sweetpeas - I wouldn't want to be without my hens, even though they wreck the garden!

    Hi Lyn - Tarragon is all boy!

    Hi Miranda - I feel lucky to have a hen-keeping neighbour, so we can help each other out if needed.

    Hi Frances - snowdrops really do herald the new growing season - are there any in Central Park?

    Hi Jacqui - I don't know what's come over me! But I needed a clean sweep - hope the haircut helps for you too!

    Hi Jeanne - there's so much history in our plot, the furnace was a surprise find in The Wild Wood.

    Hi Silverpebble - very good - Tarragon does look like a character from Blackadder, doesn't he? Probably Lord Flashheart ;-)



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