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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Ink + Paper = Print

From the memory . . .

. . . through the imagination . . .

. . . the image . . .

. . . is transferred to the block . . .

. . . and carved . . .

. . . ink . . .

. . . on the block . . .

. . . plus paper – burnished . . .

. . . makes a print . . .

Deer sprang from the wood

Walk the ancient tracks crossing the fields
and you may step into a wilder world
where herds of Fallow Deer leap the
hedges and ditches and send the
startled Rooks wheeling into the sky.


  1. Lovely to see how you do it. Your images are always so lively!

  2. Its fascinating to see the process of your work Celia - I love the image of the deer!

    Jeanne x

  3. Truly beautiful, so skillful and creative.

    Another very inspiring post which makes me want to have a go!

  4. Lovely! We usually have too many deer here, eating the bushes and turning my dog into a frenzied maniac. But this year I've seen few. Not many tracks, either. It could be the increasing coyote population. New DNA studies confirm that Eastern coyotes are a coyote-wolf hybrid. You should see them - the size of German Shepherd Dogs!

  5. Celia, I love the motion, grace, truth in your print. Your drawing is marvelous and that way you have of incorporating the depth of the landscape ... sublime.

    Thank you also for the close up views of the carved and inked block. I am fascinated to see that detail of how the image arrives on the paper.


  6. I think that's my favourite of the images you've shown. Absoulutely gorgeous. Will you have prints with you next week?

  7. Intersting process and lovely finnished print.

  8. wonderful process, beautiful image.

  9. Stop making me want to learn how to do this!

  10. Wonderful! I love the English countryside style. How about hares boxing for your next cut?

  11. ...once seen...the print makes a smile.where is the snatch of poem from?

  12. Mmmm, just love it.

    If I didn't enjoy my sewing so much I think printing and lino cuts etc. would be my next choice.

    Love seeing the process quite magical. Would love to look out my window and see that view.

  13. Hi Celia. A really lovely print - I particularly like the monochrome - magic! You are making me want to return to linocut - but all printmaking has the wonderful alchemy that you describe here and I'm currently busy with a new series of etchings. Oh dear. So many ideas, so little time! What's the poem?

  14. Do you give away your secrets? I'm intrigued as to how create your original image and then how you transfer that image onto your Lino?

    .... and where can I buy your prints, I love this one as well as the fox breaking cover!

  15. It's lovely to see the process, Celia and I really like the image.. I haven't done linocuts since college not having a press, but it's interesting to see it done by burnishing. Presumeably the paper needs to be quite thin?Penny x (Planet Penny)

  16. How lovely to see the process, thank you.

  17. What a lot of comments! Thank you too, for the positive feedback.

    I'll try to answer the questions...

    Yes, the print will be for sale at the Artisan Fair at Swaffham Prior on 6 March, it's also in the Riverslade Gallery in Saffron Walden, or (of course) you can contact me directly studio(at)celiahart(dot)co(dot)uk - I've written it out to put off the spammers.

    Thanks for the reminder Matron, it's March today - time to go to my favourite hare-watching places.

    Petoskystone and Lucy - 'Deer sprang from the wood' is the title I've given the print. And the 'poem' (I never thought of it as a poem!) is written by me, it's the words from the label I'm putting on the back of the print when I pack them for sale.

    And, Lucy - I think I'm happiest working in monochrome, it's all that graphic training ;-)

    Anneliese - I start with a pencil sketch, scan it and work it up in Photoshop, print it on a Laserprinter and transfer it using paint stripper - not really a secret, but I'll leave it to you to figure out your own take on this.

    Hi Penny - it's all done with elbow grease! This one's on BFK Rives paper, a medium weight paper and it's a great load bearing exercise!

    Must go, I've a stall to stock ;-)

  18. Wow, Celia, that print is fantastic. So full of life and movement.

  19. Oh my goodness I am gobsmacked. Fabulous talent.


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