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Sunday, 21 February 2010

We walk in all weathers . . .

Early this morning I seriously questioned my judgement – I'd told Cliff that I'd go with him on the 14 mile walk he was leading for a local walking group, the promised sunny day happened yesterday and this morning started with ice and snow!

Well I did go, and eleven other insane ramblers turned up too. We set off in driving snow and headed to the summit – the highest point in Suffolk, Great Wood Hill 128 metres. (Yes I know that's not Everest, but it's as high as we do around here – and the views, when there's not a blizzard are splendid.)

Undetered by the weather we plodded on through the mud, to be rewarded after lunch by glorious sunshine – who says life isn't fair!

And . . . I finished my first 'A Group' walk, all of it, every muddy step of the way
. . . woooo-hoo!

After a big mug of tea and a bath I was bouncy enough to bake cherry and vanilla muffins
. . . and I'm going to eat one right now :-)


  1. well done... the everest of suffolk!!! Hope you enjoyed the muffin. Lesley

  2. That's a good step out-your bath was well deserved! It looks like a lovely part of the country for walking.

  3. Its not the height nor the weather that would put me off..it the distance! well done. You must be very fit.

  4. Just a thimbleful

    How I envy you ! I used to belong to a rambling group and once a month we would walk, all over East Anglia - and don't you see wonderful sights once you get off the roads !

  5. If you squint at that mud it looks like the sea coming in! - well done on the walk :)

  6. Did you say 14 miles? Wow!

    I am pretty good at urban long distance walking, but 14 miles does sound like a very long distance.

    Glad that the landscape rewarded you with its beauty.


  7. Well done! I think you deserved a second muffin!

  8. Well done Celia! I've only ever managed to walk a maximum of 8 miles and my feet were blistered for days!

    The last photo is beautiful - you can't beat an expansive East Anglian sky!

    Jeanne x

  9. the clouds are magnificent! kudos for the distance & yea for muffins after.

  10. Celia, 14 miles -- wow. I've done 14 km when fit but 14 miles is much further. You surely deserved that hot tub afterwards. Looks like a great time despite the mud and cold early on in the day. Give my best to the undergardeners :)


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