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Monday, 27 April 2009

A busy week ahead

'I got into the studio early this morning, knowing that there's lots of things to get organised and ready for her exhibition in Norwich. She must remember to pack everything she needs – Norwich is a long drive away and I won't be there to help.

So, where is she? Getting distracted no doubt! Come on – get on with it!

She needs to take notice of the motto above her desk . . .'

The ginger studio assistant

by Deadly Dezigns
bought in Harare, Zimbabwe 1994


  1. Now that is something I need over my desk ;) Fabulous. Especially the sleeping cat

    Hope you have a good week

  2. I need that over my desk, computer, shed, kitchen sink ...

    Wish I had such a snuggly helper.

    Best of luck in Norwich!

  3. I think I need it tatooed on my wrist!

  4. also remembering "the hurrider i go, the behinder i get"--as portrayed by the lovely ginger-in-the-chair.

  5. The sign above my work desk used to read " A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind" - tells you all you need to know about my work habits!

  6. I could do with reminding myself this! ;)
    I was in Zimbabwe in 1994! (husband is from there)

  7. Kipper tells me he copyrighted that pose several years ago so Ginger had better watch out....

  8. Good motto! I think I need to take that one to heart!

  9. good luck Celia! xx wish I could see the show

  10. Good luck with the show Celia. Love the motto... I could do with a bit of that!

  11. Good to see the Ginger studio assistant is doing his job! Such hard work organizing his staff to get everything done! poor chap needs a snooze!

  12. What good advice, as for twelve hares, well that's just plain greedy! No wonder I haven't seen any this year:-)

    best of luck with the exhibition.

  13. Oh, the cat-envy! I like your motto as well. It is certainly more professional and artistic that the hand-drawn motto above my desk, featuring a picture of a hippo complete with the tagline 'Don't check your email! Finish your Phd! Hippo is watching you!'. Surprisingly effective though, despite the felt-tip pens.

    Good luck with the exhibition!

  14. I need that painted hugely on the front of my whole house :)


  15. It looks like the ginger assistant is enjoying a stint at playing ginger supervisor for the day! x


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