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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter-ly

Yesterday we'd planned a day out, but at the last minute we checked the weather forecast and our faces fell – it would probably more cloudy and rainy than at home. "Try further East", I typed in various locations until I hit the jackpot,
Bungay = SUNSHINE :-)

We arrived in Bungay and the sun was indeed shining, making the flints sparkle on the walls. I spotted this shop, full of lovely tempting things (one of which I couldn't resist buying). Just opposite was the Earsham Street Café, the menu looked tempting and we felt hungry. We sat in the sunny walled yard at the back and ate our delicious salads. A card on the table said Earsham Street Café is one of 'The Times Top 10 Cafés in the UK', and well deserved it is too.

The sunshine was glorious as we drove down lanes past little round towered churches to here . . .

. . . mmmm? – great! A road to 'Gulliver' the wind turbine, between the Bird's Eye factory and the sea defences. Looks a bit dangerous!

But it's here you'll find this . . .

and you can have fun walking round the big outer circle and imagining places far away across the sea.

Back home, in the cloudy drizzly middle bit of the UK, I spent the evening baking and decorating eggs. Oh yes, that's my purchase from Bells of Suffolk – a wire-work egg basket in the shape of a hen.




  1. Happy Easter Celia! The new egg collecting basket is a winner!! For once it sounds like our weather is actually the same - raining and cloudy here. Jacqui x

  2. Happy Easter! Enjoyed your visit easterly.

  3. Happy Easter Celia. That egg basket is gorgeous. It will be a while before our little feathered lasses produce anything to go in one though.
    Disappointing weather here. However, I'm always preoccupied with church music at Easter. Four days in a row playing, singing etc. Hoping for some days out in the coming week.

  4. Wow! I recently on a whim to add visits to the furthest west, east, south and north points of mainland Britainto my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. When I looked it up I discovered Lowestoft Ness was the most easterly and I had no idea and here it is, days later on your blog... Thank you!

  5. Happy Easter, Celia! I've not been to Bungay, might have to give it a go!

    Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.

  6. We were going to go to the Norfolk coast but were put off by the weather forecast. We obviously should have gone East instead!

  7. Ooh, Bells of Suffolk - I think I've read about it somewhere - looks like a treasure trove!

    Lovely final picture Celia!

    Happy hoppy Beaster to you

    Emma x

  8. I'm so glad that you found some sun, we've had none all weekend until today. I enjoyed your trip and I like your egg basket too.

  9. Happy Easter, what a lovely cake.

  10. Oh how lovely following the sun! Happy (belated) Easter to you too. Looks like a great day....

  11. Oh how lovely. I hope you had a happy easter.
    That cake looks amazing....xxxxx

  12. And to you Celia. Beautiful displays of all things eggy.

  13. I am glad you found some sunshine to celebrate Easter! I love your little hen basket, how cute!

  14. Saw this and thought of you :
    There is a 'how to' link on this blipfoto entry comments list if anyone is interested

  15. A lovely post! And I've saved that info on the old churches. There was (is still?) a round-towered church on the land where we used to holiday in Cavendish.Back in the 70s, a rector held services there once a month, rotating with other village churches, like Foxearth. I went inside and had a good look around.
    I wonder if "ours" is still consecrated?

  16. Hi Jacqui - the basket is practical as well as cute - that's my excuse ;-)

    Hi Randy - I'm pleased you enjoyed our trip East.

    Hi Veg Heaven - your new hens are lovely girls.

    Hi Rose - what a great idea! Although Lowestoft Ness isn't the prettiest location, South Lowestoft has a very smart prom with a lovely fine sand beach, fountains, tea shops, rock stalls, and miniature golf - just like the seaside should be :-)

    Hi Dottycookie - you'd like the shop and the café. And the Cookies would love Lowestoft beach and promenade.

    Hi Gina - Oh what a shame. Next time try Metcheck.

    Hi Silverpebble - I think you might buy a bundle of goodies if you went to BofS.

    Hi Toffeeapple - hope the sun shines where you are this weekend.

    Hi Acornmoon - it tasted delicious!

    Happy Easter Leanne - I was thinking how strange an autumnal Easter would be.

    Hi Amber - last year it snowed at Easter, so cloud and some sunshine was pretty good!

    Hi Woodland Fay - I think I much prefer Easter to Christmas. And thank you for the link - I must make those for next year.

    Hi Dowhatyoulove - with six eggs to collect I just had to buy one ;-)

    Hi Moreidlethoughts - I think I know the church you mean - Pentlow just outside Cavendish. It will definitely still be in use, if only for occasional services and concerts. I'll have to go for a walk there and post some photos.



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