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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Hand made

This afternoon I drove into Cambridge, I knew it was going to be busy in town, the glorious spring sunshine would attract the tourists in swarms. But as a local I know a few likely parking spots - and yes, I was lucky today. The walk into the centre is along a lane which propably hasn't changed for centuries, a route that once crossed boggy meadows now passes alongside playing fields and college gardens to a narrow bridge over the busy river and into lanes between ancient walls, emerging near the market square. I was heading for the Guildhall to the Handmade Craft Fair, surprisingly there were no signs advertising it was taking place until I was near the side entrance. I followed the arrows to the 'Large Hall' upstairs and found a room full of table top displays of colourful wares. Lots of vintage style and retro chic, I'd called in to say hello to Jon and Sarah of The Lapwing Printworks and see their lovely prints and paper goods. I couldn't resist buying the tiny Norfolk landscape wood engraving by Jon.

Just along the aisle from Jon and Sarah's stall my eye was caught by some subtle coloured jewellery - Quercus Silver is the work of talented designer Su . She combines skillful silver work with beautiful coloured resins - it was difficult to choose which design I liked best, in the end I plumped for a pair of earrings in a soft jade green - love the smart packaging.

A super day for driving home - blossom, flowers, birds, blue sky. Tea and hot-cross buns in the garden when I got home. Perfect :-)


  1. Sounds like a lovely outing. I love handmade items. Today was the first day of our local farmers market. We had a great time going, along with half the town it seemed. It was great though! Enjoy your wonderful treasures!

  2. Great day out .... I love that walk into the centre of Cambridge - one of the few left in all of England that hasn't changed significantly in hundreds of years


  3. Hi Celia,

    One word - THANKYOU

    Emma x

  4. I didn't even know that was happening - although I was in Ipswich all day so wouldn't have been able to go.

  5. The weather was just as good on Sunday, when I spent half an hour or so in the morning waving palms around Laundresses Green/Mill Lane/Trumpington Road. Given the preponderance of clergy and people waving incense and candles around, I think a few tourists thought they really had been transported back a few hundred years without noticing!

  6. what wonderful treasures. I love most things handmade. I appreciate the time, talent, and love that goes into handcrafted 'anything'. I think most of us who buy things made by hand end up continuing the love for that item that the original artisan poured into it.

  7. Wonderful finds! The earings are so pretty!


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