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Thursday, 16 April 2009

An excuse for a party . . .

This lunchtime I put down my pen; locked up the studio; packed some bags and a basket with goodies and drove south of Cambridge to a . . .

Cupcake and Crochet Party
at Gina's, with Emma, Val and the little Pebbles and Cookies.

There were more than enough cupcakes and
dotty-cookies for everyone . . .

and we even did some crochet (eventually)

Lots of fun!


  1. cupcakes/fairy cakes i can do. crochet i can't--just can't get the stitches into the foundation row! knitting works better :(

  2. Oh, the goodies look so yummy... and what fun to crochet/knit and chat outside! Sounds like a perfect afternoon.

  3. Sounds like great fun! I need to go to a cupcake and crochet party - I really need some help with my crocheting!

  4. I think we might have started something here. I can see Cupcake and Crochet parties springing up all over the country! It was lots of fun Celia and lovely to see you. Thanks again for those eggs... almost too beautiful to use. But on the other hand, too good not to!

  5. FAB idea - as you say, Gina, you may have started a nationwide craze ... although there'll be a lot of people shiftily knitting in the corner, because they can't crochet (and I'm one)

  6. Looks like fun was had by all. I love fairy cakes and crochet,what a wonderful combination.
    Warm wishes

  7. And what a lovely afternoon it was! Good company, lovely food and wool to stroke ... And thank you for letting me use your tiny hook - I shall have to try to track one down now!

  8. That looks lots of fun, with some lovely wool as well. But what did you crochet?

  9. Wasn't it lovely? I'm DETERMINED to learn. I expect I'll get there eventually. Many thanks for your patient instruction Celia. Your cupcakes were very beautiful AND tasty. Emma x

  10. I have tagged you in appreciation of the lovely art you create! Thank you!

  11. What a wonderful combination! It looks like lovely cupcakes to enjoy, and how fun to be able to share ideas with crochet.

  12. What fun! Sounds like a wonderful idea to have get-togethers like that.


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