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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Reasons to be cheerful . . .

Gardening is about hope and enjoying this moment

The Peas in the greenhouse –
Purple Podded, Reuzensuiker,
Golden Sweet, Tutankamun,
Carouby de Maussanne
and Carlin

The Polyanthus at the end of the vegetable plot –
Violet Victorians, Silver Dollar,
Marine Blues, Old Rose Victorians
and Chartreuse

The first spear of asparagus –
will it be
dipped in melted butter?
roast with olive oil?
coated with runny egg yolk?

The Greengage blossom about to open –
will the sun keep shining, bringing the bees?
will this be a 'Greengage Summer'?
green blushed,
honey sweet
eaten outside straight off the tree

All photographed in the garden this afternoon.


  1. Asparagus: Total excitement!

  2. My new asparagus bed has its very first spear too! And oh how I envy you your greengage tree. I love them since my dad used to take me to the Vale of Evesham when I was a little girl, to buy them by the punnet fresh from the orchards. I wonder how many of those old orchards are left now.

  3. I love your garden Celia. x

  4. I don't think I have ever tasted a greengage, when I was little we used to play a word game and my dad picked greengage, the theme was fruit. For years I thought he had invented it!
    How many children will ever sample the delights of fruits picked straight from the tree?

  5. Ooh what a gorgeous post, full of promise. Those polyanthus are absolutely lovely - such subtle colours.

    Fabulous greengage tree. MissP1 and I pick damsons straight from the bushes on the village green in August and September - she gets so excited about these little plums. She and I planted the ppps a day or so ago - we planted them in toilet rolls and drew labels so we'd remember they were our special peas. Thanks again xxx

  6. Celia, I've never seen peas planted in pots like that. How does it work?

  7. Oh now that is exciting. Asparagus is sooo good...xx

  8. Oh gosh I love spring in the garden! It's so inspiring, and exciting to see everything sprouting out!

  9. The polyanthus are beautiful - I do love that colour palette - I use it in quilting a lot!

    We don't seem to get greengages up here - such a pity as they are lovely fruits.

  10. Yet again I promise myself this will be the year I get my garden sorted... but I'm not doing very well! My purple podded peas will probably end up in a pot again!

  11. yummy! i like asparagus roasted. beautiful photos!

  12. How exciting to see all the green coming up! Love your saying about gardening... so very true.

  13. Oh! How I want a vegetable garden. My land is all hilly and woodsy, no place to spread out, really. And if I plant in the small garden beds, the deer come and ruin everything. I need a proper plot with a fence around it. I am pining for such a spot.

  14. Peas have amazing root systems! I just planted mine out this week and they were 9" below the length of the toilet roll. I am fending off slugs at the moment! I envy your greengage tree! Where I grew up we had an enormous tree that was laden every year. Nothing like a ripe, sweet greengage, I hope we have a good Summer.

  15. Hi Soilman - nothing beats home-grown asparagus :-)

    Hi Threadspider - isn't it sad how the old orchards have been neglected or grubbed up.

    Hi Louise - thank you for visiting!

    Hi Acornmoon - Oh! You must taste a genuine English Greengage, or better still a Cambridge Gage (like mine) they are nectar!

    Hi Silverpebble - peas and damsons -Miss P1 is a girl of good taste!

    Hi Ed - it's easy, just tip them out, tease out each little plant and plant in deep holes round the wigwams.

    Hi Amber - counted 20 spears this morning - tomorrow's the day to make the first cut :-)

    Hi Dowhatyoulove - Spring's well and truly underway!

    Hi Veg Heaven - I grew these from seed from Barnhaven Primulas.

    Hi Gina - I'm sure the PPPs are happy in a pot.

    Hi Petoskystone - simply cooked in boiling water with a poached egg on top is my choice :-)

    Hi Artslice - gardening is philosophy and art.

    Hi Morna - we're lucky that rabbits and deer don't get into the veg garden - just the occasional naughty hen ;-)

    You're so right Matron - there is nothing to match a ripe greengage straight from the tree!



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