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Thursday, 23 April 2009

An invitation and a nice cup of tea

It's St George's Day and to celebrate I joined acornmoon for a nice cup of tea and chat, so pop over to Valerie's blog and join us and our virtual guests for a very English St George's Day celebratory cuppa.

In the post this morning I received some more invitations – lovely cards to invite you to an exhibition of my linocuts at Verandah in Norwich.

If you can get to Norwich next Thursday evening do come and say hello. The exhibition continues throughout May, Verandah is full of delightful goodies all sourced from artists and makers in Norfolk and Suffolk; and Norwich is a beautiful historic city (and just a short drive to the broads and the coast) so just right for a day trip.

I'll tell you more about it next week. Now back to the studio to get everything ready . . .


  1. Thanks for the interview, I hope all goes well with your exhibition and now I am over to look at Verandah, I have never been to Norwich, it is on my wish list.

    I like the illustration of the two hares that I can see in the photo, lovely!

  2. Lovely picture of one of your chickens on the Invitation. Is it a specific chicken - or a composite exhibiting chicken-ness?

    Would love to come but, alas, too far.

  3. Hi Acornmoon - I should visit Norwich more often - I'm looking forward to next Thursday

    Hi Veg Heaven - it's Nutmeg :-)

  4. Happy St Georges Day!
    Good Luck with your exhibition. I've never been to Norwich, but hope to one day.
    My purple podded peas are coming along nicely ;)

  5. Hi Karen - I love how the PPPs are spreading out via the blog :-) I'm doing my bit for keeping bio-diversity alive and growing.

    Hope you're enjoying a sunny St George's Day.


  6. I'll be there! (I wish :) Lovely interview and great invitations. (am crazy about that bird cup.) Happy St. George's Day.

  7. Hello, Just popped over from acornmoon,beautiful art work.
    Michala x

  8. Great interview Celia. It looks like I need to schedule a trip to Norwich! Not sure I can make the private view but hope to get up one weekend.

  9. I so enjoyed the St George's Day interview with Acornmoon! Good luck with the exhibition-just wish it was closer.

  10. I have come to your blog via Valerie's - what a find it is. I just bought some lino and cutters to see about printing on to fabric and I am inspired and in awe of your work. I may have to place an order one day! I wish I could get to Norwich.

  11. Have a great time with your exhibition. I would love to see some more of your artwork, but that would be a bit of a trip for me! :)

  12. Hello to you from New York. It was grand to read your interview with Acornmoon.

    I have never before seen purple pea pods, and found them quite intriguing. Your prints are wonderful. In past times, I've also tried my hand at linoprints, etching, drypoint and silkscreen.

    Last year there was a marvelous British printmakers show at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sybil Andrews was one of my favorities.

    Best of luck with the show at Verandah. I will mention it to another UK blogger who lives near Norwich.

    I look forward to visiting your site again.


  13. Artwork turned out well, so happy for you and sorry too not to able to see them in person. I am now a regular hencam watcher (witch-in-waiting) and growing purple podded beans (hope that counts). You continue to turn me on (old hippy at heart) to so many good things that you and friends are working to achieve. Just enjoying your blogs, F

  14. I wish I could get there - it looks lovely and I haven;t been to Norwich in eons!

  15. Good luck with the exhibition. Lucky people of Norwich to see your linocuts. I have been there a couple of times in the past - all those amazing churches.

  16. Good luck with the exhibition on Thursday, with you in spirit. Wishing you many sales, regards F

  17. Celia, I wish I could come!! Hope it's all going smashingly well.


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