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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I know that tune . . .

I've finished printing the first of my new set of designs and now I'm busy carving the blocks for the other two designs. I should have time for some lengthy sessions immersed in the details, because clients have been told that booking for work to be finished before Easter is now closed – I hope there's something good on the radio!

The first print is finished – when I scanned it I loved noticing the details and how the colours overlap. Transforming a sketch, through a planned design to a print from the hand carved blocks is like hearing a familiar tune played on a different instrument . . .

I've decided not to post the complete finished print today – they have a special date for unveiling, more about that another time.


  1. It is a lovely design. Pity you can't print on fabric which is my medium!
    Kim xx

  2. Lovely lively feather detail. Looking forward to the unveiling.

  3. Love the colors... am looking forward to the final unveiling too! Happy spring :)

  4. The details look great! Looking forward to seeing the whole print soon.

  5. Wonderful tantalising snippets here Celia. Really rather excited about seeing the whole thing! I do love the colours too.


  6. It's going to be lovely, lovely, lovely, I can feel it. Any time left for your gardening? I'm having the same problem. Could easily fill 48 hrs to every day. Regards, F


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