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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Birds of a feather flock together

Just before Easter the postman delivered a fat yellow package, it was from the United States, at first I was puzzled – then I realised what was inside . . .

Terry had sent me a signed copy of her beautiful new children's book Tillie lays an egg. As well as being a professional cook and author, Terry is one many hen-keepers who I've stumbled upon via PPPs and my Etsy shop, like our hens we flock together, pleased to find others who aren't bored witless by chicken chat. The photographs in Tillie lays an egg are wonderful, full of chicken decorated vintage delights to keep hen lovers of any age amused; I know from experience just how much work goes into setting up a photo for a book – Terry and Ben deserve a gold star.

Terry's hens can even be viewed via the Hen-cam; and 'the actress who plays Tillie' is a star of page, screen and library.


  1. This looks like a book that would be right up my ally! It looks very cute, and is a clever idea!

  2. Oh i love it...i just must check it out..xx

  3. Must check this book out. Tilly looks like one fine hen!

  4. I'm feeling sheepish - I loved it too and got so excited that I did a post on your post without letting you know I loved it here first - sorry! I especially loved the interview with the author. Have you read it to the girls yet?

  5. Hi Jacqui - I'm sure Terry would love to hear about your chooks in their Dome.

    No, I haven't read the books to the under-gardeners and Spice Girls - people might think I was mad ;-)



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