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Friday, 1 May 2009

Exhibition opening day in Upper St Giles

I really should visit Norwich more often – I'd forgotten just how beautiful a city it is, especially on a glorious sunny day in spring. Take a short walk from the colourful stripy roofs of the market, heading west up St Giles Street (see if you can resist the temptation of Imelda's shoe shop!), and along the pavements of the Norwich lanes which chatter their history in the sound footsteps walking over the mosaic pavement plaques. In a few minutes you'll reach the churchyard of St Giles on the Hill – in Norwich it seems that every street corner has its medieval church with shimmering knapped flints and gothic tracery – the wisteria is just coming into bloom and with the English bluebells and cranesbill it fills the air with fragrance. In the distance you can see the majestic bulky tower of the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St John the Baptist.

Beyond St Giles on the Hill is the quiet Georgian charm of Upper St Giles, with little shops and cafés basking in the warm sunshine under their awnings. It's here you'll find Verandah – you can see the square white hanging sign on the dark red-brick building half way along the street – this is where I spent yesterday. Thank you to all the creative women of Verandah for inviting me to exhibit my prints in your gorgeous shop.

I'd especially like to say a great big thank you to Vanessa, Liz, Jemima and Jenny for helping me hang my pictures and making feel so welcome. It all looked so good when we'd finished . . .

At just after 5pm the visitors to the private view started to arrive and by 7pm it was full of people happily chatting and enjoying the wine and cheeses – and buying cards and pictures :-)

Thank you everyone who came along – and thank you to the evening sunshine for making Norwich look so idyllically beautiful. Sarah and Jon were there – great to see you both again; and I also got to chat about lino cuts and prints with John Jackson, what a treat! I was so busy chatting I forgot to taste any of the scrummy cheeses or take more photos.

The exhibition of my prints continues at Verandah, Upper St Giles, Norwich until 30th May.


  1. It was nice to see you last night Celia, the exhibition looked brilliant!

    I can never resist Imelda's either...


  2. congratulations of your successful showing! norwich does look beautiful in the spring.

  3. It looks absolutely wonderful, Celia!

  4. It looks fabulous Celia and your prints look beautifully displayed. I want a trip to Norwich...

  5. Oooh, I have been meaning to say - our school holds an art exhibition every year in June - I wonder if you'd be interested in putting anything in? Email me if you are interested.

  6. I would love to be able to visit your exhibition Celia - it looks brilliant!

  7. Fabulous Celia - sorry I've missed it so far - I'll try to get across in the next weeks. It looks like a lovely display xx

  8. This is a perfect setting to hold an exhibition in. Wishing you continued success Celia. x

  9. I love the wisteria in St Giles churchyard. Ours isn't quite out yet. I want to grow a standard wisteria, rather than as a climber - once ours set seed and I raised some seedlings, but I stupidly left them in the greenhouse and forgot to water them all winter and they died.


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