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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunny Sunday morning

. . . so, what are you doing?

I've been assembling The Three Sisters mound. It should have been completed weeks ago so it had time to settle down, but – hey ho! things don't happen perfectly in the real world. But, I see that exactly a year ago I posted about planting out The Three Sisters. So this year they will be planted out a few days later – it probably won't make a jot of difference :-)

The mound is not quite ready for planting yet – another layer of well rotted compost will be the finishing touch – but with the thermometer in the shade next to the kitchen door reading 27C, I've decided to retreat to a cooler spot! The robin is taking advantage of the worms I've dug out and is busily feeding his (her?) family – no chance for him to put his feet up.

Like this . . .

Mmmm? Cats are so very, very wise it's scary!


  1. that is one well-pleased puss!

  2. Our kitties are currently lounging on windowsills and the dog is asleep in the shade garden. This Sunday morning finds me digging up, dividing, potting up various plants and sowing seeds for herbs. Should have been done a couple of weeks ago. We're expecting warm temps here so better work now and rest later.

  3. Such a hot hot day for digging! I went out and dug holes ready to plant out some more squashes and courgettes. I bet you were hot and sweaty after all your efforts! phew!

  4. Very hot for so much digging! A snooze in the shade is definitely a good idea!

    We planted out our courgettes and squashes this weekend too.

  5. Thank you for your cheery recent comment.

    I remembered your three sisters post the other day when my mum gave me a load of unexpected mini custard squash plants. I had a few gaps in the sweetcorn square I planted out (Owen counted more plants than there were!)So I have popped the squashes into those gaps. So its two sisters!
    we will have to see how they do as they are not on a manure/compost mound.

  6. I know what you mean about gardening (or not, to be more precise) when it gets really hot - as much as we often pray for warmer weather, gardening in this heat really isn't too much fun! That cat has exactly the right idea...

  7. If only I had an allotment to try your Three Sisters mound. My garden has been taken over by flowers this year, and not a vegetable in sight. How lovely to find a cat amidst the undergrowth! x

  8. Chloe looks very, very happy! Definitely snoozing with a smile on her face.

  9. Hi Petoskystone - Oh! she is!

    Hi Curmudgeon - Hope you had a nice rest after your work out!

    Hi Matron - mmmmmm! and then, what did I do? Drove to where Cliff's walking group were having lunch and joined them for a five mile walk - must be mad!

    Hi Sarah and Jon - I'm not very good at sitting still in the garden!

    Hi Rhiannon - your 'Two Sisters' sound good - you could always stick a few beans in the soil among them and see what happens!

    Hi aforkfulofspaghetti, welcome to PPPs! It's much cooler here today - I should take advantage and do the heavy work this afternoon.

    Hi Louise - The Three Sisters is one of my favourite things on the veg plot. It changes every year as I learn what works well and what doesn't.

    Hi BilboWaggins - she's an enigma!


  10. oh your cat is so adorable! I remember your three sisters from last year! I still miss having a cat around ...


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