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Wednesday 14 March 2012

PPP5-live iPhone sketches

I know lots of you were looking forward to my iPhone sketch blogpost . . . I was looking forward to it too. But I spent far too long laughing and eating cake with the guest bloggers that it's now dark outside! I think I'll have to do another special blogpost about sketching using the Brushes and Vellum apps. But in the meantime I can answer your questions if you post them below and that will give me a good idea of things to cover when I return to it.

Below is a quick sketch I did in the garden looking at the evening sky through the trees . . . and I was using my new AluPen, which is a really good stylus for sketching and reasonably priced too (don't get the really cheap rip-off version it doesn't work nearly as well).

Remember to leave a comment on the Giveaway post if you'd like a chance of winning the Vegetable cards and PPP seeds.



  1. Well, my mobile phone is lying, unused, in a pocket of my handbag, but if I had an iPhone I'd be sketching all over the map!
    wanders off to write to Santa...

  2. *sigh* One day I will have a smart phone.....


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