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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

PPP5-live Giveaway!

A Grand Giveaway
to celebrate 5 whole years
of the Purple Podded Peas blog

Entry to the draw has now closed
– there are 37 names in the "hat" –
and I'll announce the winners very soon.

5 lucky winners of the PPP5-live Giveaway will receive a bundle of my Heritage Vegetable Cards
and if you live in the UK I will include some packets of purple podded pea seeds from my seed stash (overseas winners will receive a extra something to compensate).

All you need to do is to leave a comment under this PPP5-live Giveaway post and I'll put your name in the hat (or plant pot). The closing date for entries is Friday 30 March (midnight GMT).

The pea seeds have been saved from different varieties of peas with purple pods grown in my garden; of course I can't absolutely promise they will germinate (but they should).

Five years ago I wrote my first blog post:

"Welcome to Purple Podded Peas - my blog about what's happening in my studio and garden. When I'm not working on a design or illustration project for a publisher or producing a new linocut, I'm usually in the garden and at this time of year it's the vegetable garden. As the weather is amazingly warm, 18C it's a pleasure to be outside and I enjoyed a few hours hard work moving compost into the "squash mound" from the compost bins."

Well, the first part is still spot on; but, as the studio assistants have told you, today won't be gloriously warm and sunny like it was 5 years ago. And later on today you will see that I haven't been working quite as hard in the vegetable garden!

Better get on, I have some visitors arriving for lunch and I've got to do some cooking.



  1. Celia, I will take advantage of this comment to ask if you know Purple Queen beans. I know them in France as Haricot Reine des Pourpres, and I have a photo somewhere of them in a local-grown market in Bergerac, where we first found them. My husband and I passed them, looked at each other and went back to buy a bag.

    They are a deepest purple in color, turning bright green as they are cooked, and the texture and flavor of the flesh is heavenly haricot, rich, full, and sweet.

    Very glad we did!


  2. Many happy returns. Wow 5 years is amazing, well done. Anyhow love y'blog and have a super duper day pips. X

  3. I'll be tuning in regularly throughout the day to see what you're up to - Happy Bloggy Birthday!

  4. I grew some dark beans one year but was a little disappointed when they became green when cooked.

    Happy birthday to your blog spot; I look forward to reading more!

  5. Happy pp5 birthday Celia

  6. Happy 5th Blogday, long may it continue .It'll be my 5th anniversary in July - doesn't time pass quickly! You're giving me ideas about how I might celebrate it!!

  7. Congratulations on your five year anniversary :)

  8. Hello Celia,
    ... from a fellow printmaker/gardener from a fair few miles away in North Wales.

    Gardening starts a bit later up here because of the climate difference but on the list this year are dwarf French and probably some climbers.

    Cofion cynnes

  9. Bella, so were we (no one warned us)! Still, it was pretty to watch them change hue and the flavor made up for the disappearing purple.

    Happy anniversary to the blog and you!

  10. Happy 5th Blogaversary! Hope you enjoy your live blogging day and I shall be popping in at intervals today to see what you're upto.

  11. This is a wonderful idea. I will be 'tuning in' throughout the day!

  12. Woohoo! Loving PPP5.Live.

    Would love to enter the competition. Will be popping back all day if I can!

    Martin :0)

  13. Congratulations on 5 years of your blog. I love reading it, and love your work!

    I saw the lovely new purple podded snow pea Shiraz offered by T&M this year - I'm truly disappointed it isn't available here in the States. Will you try it this year?

    Here's to another 5 years of the blog!

  14. I am all out of those beautiful cards. Would love to win another batch. Many thanks to you for your beautiful place on the web. It has certainly led to adventure for me! :)

  15. Before I rush out to work, I want to wish you a very Happy Fifth, Celia.

    This site is a continuing source of fun, beauty and information.


  16. Happy 5th birthday :) Such lovely cards.

  17. Congratulations Celia, five good years. Here's to the next five!

  18. Happy blog birthday!

    Ever so slightly late to the party as I've been out for most of the day, but catching up now :) Look forward to the updates later on.

  19. Many congratulations on the fifth anniversary of your blog. Long may it flourish :)

  20. congratulations for the big 5, your blog is very grown up now! Unfortunately I wouldn't be allowed the pea seeds our MAF inspectors would have a fit!!!

  21. Happy Day - would have got a gift for you, but been so busy watching lovely films about gardens, hens and helpers - thanks so much, really enjoyed the celebrations!

  22. Happy Blogiversary!
    You were one of my first reads when I started this lark.
    I've enjoyed every post and look forward to many more.

  23. Hi Celia!
    Happy Blogging Birthday to you!
    Natalie x

  24. Happy blog Birthday. Souds as if you are being busy!

  25. Congrats on 5 years! (May there be many more...)

    P.S I've never tried purple podded peas (are they the sort that never make it to the pan because the person who picks them 'accidently' eats them en-route?)

  26. Hello Celia, I've really enjoyed watching the videos of the garden, seeing your lovely chickens and hearing your voice! I'll be able to imagine you speaking when I read your posts from now on!

  27. happy birthday, 5 years - wow that's a great achievement x

  28. Happy 5th birthday PPP :)
    I really enjoyed the vegetable garden tour and the night time newt safari.
    I used to grow angelica in my herb garden, it was beautiful and huge! Most years it grew to about 6 ft tall - must have loved our hot & humid Ottawa summers. I never did get around to candying the stems, but I often used the leaves to replace celery in soups and stews.
    The plant died out a few years ago, but after seeing how pretty yours is I think I need to put in a new one this year.

  29. Happy Blog Birthday! Love reading your posts. Here's to the next 5 years!

  30. Five years of blogging is quite an achievement. Well done. I would love the chance to win some of your lovely cards

  31. Congratulations on the 5 year mark. I enjoyed the live blogging.

  32. Congratulations on reaching your 5th Blog Birthday. Well Done and Happy Birthday!

  33. Happy Birthday! I'm on the West Coast of the US but take a mental journey to the England I hope to visit every time I read your blog- thank you!

  34. Congratulations on 5 years blogging! I've just started a blog (5 days old) and 5 years really is something to aspire to... Keep up the good work :)

  35. Five years of Purple podded peas... best wishes for the next five!! Happy Blog Birthday. Keep up the grand work.

  36. Happy 5th anniversary!

    Hope i'm still blogging in 5 years!

    Fleur xx


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