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Monday, 12 March 2012

PPP5•live Wednesday 14 March - the timetable

Here's the plan for the day (I hope to keep to the times, but anything could happen!)
Times are GMT

Wednesday 14th March 2012:

9.00am  a weather forecast from the studio assistants

10.00am  details of the give-away with prizes for 5 lucky winners

1.10pm a chat with Lesley Dolphin on BBC Radio Suffolk

2.30pm a tour of the vegetable garden with a special guest blogger

4.00pm a wild-life walk to the Dragonfly Pond and the Wild Wood with the under-gardeners

5.00pm iPhone sketching Q&A - this may extend to a later time.

8.00pm  Newt safari (this depends on the weather conditions . . . and the newts)

I'll be posting the special PPP5•live blog-posts throughout the day and answering your comments, so you can pop over and join in the celebrations . . . the more the merrier!

In fact I'll be making it up as we go along, so times may vary slightly and other things may happen!



  1. What a day! I'm excited to see how it all goes...
    Good Luck!

  2. It is very exciting and hope to join in after work.

  3. It sounds brilliant! I had been hoping to accept your invitation and pop over but I think timing is going to be too tight. Botheration. I shall be online anyway!

  4. This sounds like a lot of fun and am looking forward to it enormously.

  5. Hmmmn, I am hoping that our time zone differences might benefit me this Wednesday, so that I might share this upcoming fun.


  6. Ooooo... Happy BlogDay! It sounds like a day of treats!
    I'll drop in when I can - the calendar is fairly full today, but I would love to join in with your celebrations. A 5th Birthday is always a special event!


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