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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

PPP5-live Today's Weather

Hello and welcome to PPP5-live
It's Wednesday the 14th of March 2012
and this is the ginger studio assistant.

 I'll pass you over to my tabby sister,
who is up a tree in The Wild Wood,
for a live weather report . . .

"Hello from a tree in The Wild Wood.
It's grey and chilly but not raining.
I don't think the sun will come out today."

Here's a summary . . .

I'm going to stay here in my basket
until supper time.

That was the PPP5-live Weather
brought to you from PPP HQ
by the studio assistants.


  1. We love this! (Sporran, do you think we should do a weather report on our blog?)

  2. This is the best thing I have seen all day, and even though it is earlyish and I am likely to see many more things today, I am fairly confident that it will remain the best thing I shall see today. I especially love the graphical resume.

    This should reassure @sockington that despite having wasted a perfectly good night sleeping, he ought to be able to curl back up and take advantage of the day with his eyes closed.

  3. Yes, I thought it was most unfair that we're the only part of the country to be cold and grey again today. Humph.

  4. Rosie (the dog, not cat) is using the same grey day excuse to curl up on a settee after her morning walk.

  5. I spend most days in my basket... but the tabby one is still skipping about outside somewhere!

    Thanks for dropping by.

    The ginger studio assistant

  6. The Ginger One has quite the right idea!

  7. Zeke says, the tree's the place to be girl! Catch anything up there other than the view?

    Hank says, you two are nuts, that basket looks pretty good, but I've got a better spot on my very own couch in the kitchen next to my food bowl - now that's heaven.


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