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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

If I ruled the world . . .

Every day would be the first day of Spring

Every heart would have a new song to sing

And we'd sing of the joy every morning would bring 


lyrics by Leslie Bricusse
music by Cyril Ornadel
here's the iconic version 
sung by Tony Bennett
or maybe, like me, you prefer
 the version everyone's dad sang along to
by Harry Secombe

 The hop shoots are nearly big enough to pick for a tasty lunch
and there is a carpet of primroses under the apple trees

  today is the Vernal Equinox
and in my garden it really does feel
like the first day of spring!


  1. That song bought a tear to my eye Celia. Your garden looks wonderful and I enjoyed the virtual tour last week! Enjoy your day! x

  2. I love spring - so much hope and expectation. It's lovely that the sun is shining on the first day, the flowers almost look as though they're singing too, welcoming in the spring!
    I'm off to investigate the hop shoots now...

  3. hasn't it been a wonderful day. I always Harry Secombe singing that song!

  4. I'm not sure my singing would complement the day. But it does make me smile.

  5. You have given me an earworm!

    I hadn't realised that it was Vernal Equinox, thanks for telling me.

  6. I always consider the 21st the vernal equinox, as it is my first daughter's birthday – but I defer to your accuracy. This year it was indeed today, the 20th. And tomorrow I will switch of the fairy lights that have been ablaze on the topiarized hawthorn tree in my front garden. I keep them alight from the winter solstice till the spring equinox. It's surprising how many people say that my lights put a smile on their faces on their way to and from work through the worst of the winter months.

  7. Celia, I can't read those words without immediately hearing Harry Secombe singing that song! Now I think I'll be humming it and singing it all day! Curses!

  8. Thank you - your comments are always lovely to read.

    I've now probably plagued a number of people with an 'earworm' of Harry Secombe belting out 'If I ruled the world' :D))


  9. Celia, your garden's flowers are very similar to what I've seen in Central Park. It's a bit early for the primroses over here, though. How I love all their colorful varieties!

    I will have to find out more about hops shoots. I am absolutely uninformed.


  10. Happy springtime to you Celia, I think I heard Harry's version in my mind's ear.

  11. I think I need to take lessons from you in what makes good wild salad greens and such ... I'd never have thought to eat hop shoots. Of course I've looked them up now and can see what I've been missing.

    My Mr M. - the chap whose biography I'm writing - records picking all sorts of greens to eat that we wouldn't think of as food, but that was in 1801 and half seem to have different names now!

  12. A belated happy blog anniversary Celia. What a fun idea having a live blog broadcast. Sorry I missed it all! Tried to listen to your interview on iplayer but its no longer available - dang!

    Just to say I loved the Hockney exhibition too. What a wonderful place the Royal Academy is? Great pics.


  13. Definitely Harry Secombe!
    My Cambridge Gage whips are potted up and about to burst buds. Looking good.

  14. Beautiful! Lovely blog ~ I'm now following ~ ♥♥

  15. Oh my - being Welsh I am definitely a Harry Secombe fan, and now you've set me off on a trail of Male Voice Choirs that can only lead to tears :)


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