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Sunday, 1 April 2012

PPP5-live Giveaway – the 5 winners!

I hope that you enjoyed the PPP5-live event for the 5th anniversary of Purple Podded Peas, I had a lot of fun putting together the videos with Fiona and Su and chatting with Lesley live on BBC Radio Suffolk.

Thank you everyone who entered the PPP5-live Giveaway, there are 37 names in the jug . . .

I asked Cliff to select 5 random strips of paper and here are the lucky winners . . .


So, if those lucky winners would let me know your addresses (email: studio (at) celiahart (dot) co (dot) uk) I'll put a pack of my Heritage Vegetable cards and a little packet of purple podded pea seeds in the post to you. (If you don't live in the UK you'll receive a substitute gift instead of the seeds, as I'm afraid that bio-security rules mean I can't post plant material abroad.)

I've tested my purple podded pea seeds for viability and as you can see, it's looking good, so I hope that you have success with the ones I send out. I usually start my peas in deep pots (loo-rolls would do fine to) and plant them out around a wig-wam of twiggy sticks, when the seedling are about 5cm high. If, like me, you live in an area plagued with wood pigeons then it's best to wrap the lower part of the wig-wam in netting to protect the young plants and also hang bird-scarers near-by . . . this is a war and the pigeons must not win!!!

Happy gardening! I'll be back as soon as I've finished a big digital illustration commission I've been working on for most of the past month.



  1. oooh wow, that's me! thank you so much, I;ll email you my address. x

  2. We had a small field of buckwheat attacked by a flock of pigeons that came from nowhere and we used red ribbon and foil strips ironed into clingfilm and that was enough to get rid of them. Never seen them since!

  3. Congratulations to the winners! :)

  4. Congratulations to the winners. If only we hadn't had to give the allotment up I'd have entered too. Happy growing folks :D

  5. Celia, sorry miseed this post when you posted, but can confirm today I received the most gorgeous package - beautifully wrapped and inside the wonderful cards and my seeds (all happy in their little brown packets).
    Thankyou so much!


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